Tony Hawk's Underground

released on Oct 27, 2003

Get ready for a major new step for the Tony Hawk series. Tony Hawk's Underground tweaks the gameplay of previous installments to include a plot-twisting story, customizable tricks and decks, online play, and the ability to include your own mug shot on your custom player. Of course, you can also play as any one of pro skating's biggest stars including Tony Hawk, Bob Burnquist, and Elissa Steamer. Ride, walk, or drive through nine expansive levels then test your skills against other gamers online. Become a star of the Underground.

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Further iteration upon the Pro Skater series, this installment adds more tricks, more ways to continue your ever increasing combo multiplier going, and with an actual story to boot!

You play as a kid from New Jersey (If you're like me, you made this kid look like a freak with the unchained character creator) just wanting to make it big with his "friend" Eric Sparrow

Betrayals, setbacks, being stranded in other countries outside of his home countrie's jurisdiction follow as you shred across so many different and distinct skate parks disguised as real places in the world!

So much to find, so much to unlock, and the skill ceiling for how far you can push the combo and how many ridiculous skate moves you can pull is up to the clouds!

And of course a sick collection of hip hop/punk/thrash metal/and good ole rock n roll blasts as you take over the skating world!

That Neversoft logo where it had the kid get eaten by the monster creeped me out as a kid. Really loved this game as a kid, definitely wanna get it again someday to relieve old memories.

Eric Sparrow pissed me off so hard as a kid that I cried

This game single-handedly convinced an entire generation that they could be skateboarders, then they hopped on a wal-mart board and couldn't figure out to ollie

This is the peak of skateboarding games to me.

The Tony Hawk game that let you off the board is also one of the greatest Tony Hawk games