In this ARPG you control a hero who explores a series of randomized dungeons, fightinghordes of enemies and collecting equipment, gold, and loot while doing so. The game also features a town , to which the hero can return to sell and buy gear and items and pick up quests. As you progress into the dungeon, you get to battle unique bosses that advance the main storyline by completing quests revolving around them. Optionally, the player may take on side quests, random quests or visit branching dungeon areas to further develop their character.

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Torchlight, like its sequel, is a quite enjoyable ARPG dungeon-crawler with a lot of loot, fun, and exploration to be had! I've enjoyed this game since 2013, and although I haven't played it in a while, it, along with Torchlight II, are probably my favorite ARPG games!

The game is set in the small mining town of Torchlight, and the town needs help, as its mine is being attacked by monsters. As you continue further and further down the mine, you'll see a vast array of different enemies and environments, and quite a bit of loot to be had!

There are three classes in Torchlight, and each one has different spells and weapon specializations.

The Alchemist is a mage, specializing in staffs and wands, and has elemental spells and attacks. He has the highest MP of the classes.

The Destroyer is a melee-oriented class that is best at using swords, axes, maces, and polearms. He has the largest health pool of the classes.

The Vanquisher is a range-oriented class which has abilities that strengthen her ranged combat. She is best suited for long-range combat.

Torchlight is an enjoyable game to play, and and its visuals nice. Its soundtrack is excellent, as well, and compliments the game quite nicely, giving it its cool style, just like the sequel has a nice style. The environments in the game are pretty fascinating as well, and sometimes quite varied, and there are many places to explore, and some side quests to do too.

I also appreciate how lightweight it is, graphically. I think it still looks pretty good, while at the same time, being able to run even on old machines in my home, including old laptops!

Throughout the game, just like with its sequel, there is a huge variation of armor, weapons, and enchantments that you will find, and you can also transmute items and enchant things at an enchanter. You can also find "ember" to socket items, which gives you various bonuses.

Overall, I have no complaints about Torchlight that I can think of. Its gameplay is very satisfying and quite fun, and I would certainly recommend this game, as well as its sequel, which introduces multiplayer co-op! Definitely pick both of them up, if you are someone who enjoys ARPGS, Co-op games, and loot games. ^.^

Pas mal, mais ça pouvait mieux faire. Le gros défaut c'est qu'il n'est jouable qu'en solo (si je ne me trompe pas) et que pour moi ça me semblait logique de le faire avec un ami.

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Fun, fast paced hack and slash game.

Torchlight is a clone of the game FATE from 2005 but still manages to create its own atmosphere and feeling. In general, it is like any other Diablo based game. Kill enemies, collect loot, level up, get some mad skills and repeat.

It has a story, but it is not that interesting. Just another villain that needs a good slaying and who is waiting for you at the very depths of the game world in the story mode.

What makes Torchlight fun is the effortless way it is played. Use portals if you need to go to town or let your pet take the journey while you go on with your adventure, the combat system is good and when you hit an enemy you can hear the slash or bash you made with your sword. Also, the easy way of selling, buying, hot keys for potions and skills etc. makes it really comfortable.

Torchlight has simple cartoon style graphics and nice music to get you in the mood of playing. The sound effects are good and makes this game somewhat stand out from FATE and other hack and slash games.

The game can be very repetitive. Not because it is a hack and slash game, which goes for all of them, but because you progress in “floors” rather then levels or maps. The themes change after every ten floors, but the layout is mostly the same for all of them. After floor sixty, you reflect on your life and the fun is starting to decrease. On the other hand, when going for the achievements the game has to offer, it keeps you (or me at least) motivated to complete more and more floors.

The main issue I had with the game was, because of its repetitiveness, to find a good purpose to go on. There are achievements like I mentioned, but other than that, when you kill the boss in the story, it is just endless floors of the same stuff over and over again.

But overall, for the price, this is a fun game with hours of content.

Keeping this one in my back pocket until I need a quick and fun ARPG fix.

Game was probably good in it's time. Now it is repetitive, and too simple for me personally. Dropped after 2 hours.