Trevor McFur in the Crescent Galaxy

released on Nov 23, 1993

The Crescent Galaxy has been attacked by an entity known as Odd-it. This creatures goal is to make everything odd, like it. You play Trevor McFur, a corporal in the Crescent Galaxy's chapter of the Interplanetary Defense squad and are sent in along with your feline partner Cutter to defeat Odd-it. The game is a side scrolling shooter featuring a wide variety of worlds and enemies to conquer. Throughout the game you can power your ship with newer and better weapons by shooting certain enemies and collecting the bonuses left behind.

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Played as part of Atari 50.

I don't want every single one of my Jaguar reviews to just reiterate that Atari fell flat on their face when it came to evolving with their competition, but that really is just the main conclusion to be made, isn't it? Launching the Jaguar with two largely uninteresting space games ripping off Star Fox in two different ways is crazy. Trevor McFur is just a boring shmup, with a striking lack of music for the vast majority of the game. The levels are long and repetitive without a ton of variation, and once you do finally beat a boss and get into a planet it's largely more of the same, just with a different scrolling background. It's no surprise no one bought this piece of shit console if this is what they were using to sell it, lol.

I will give credit where credit is dude and say that some of the level designs are actually quite interesting and really out there for the time. It's too bad a good majority of everything else kind of sucks.


(played as part of ATARI 50)

Imagine some kid getting a Jaguar at launch and being stuck with this and CYBERMORPH. Their friends on the playground talking about Doom and Sonic and Game Boy Zelda. Atari owed that kid better than this shitpost garbage.

(Atari 50)
This kinda feels like one of the most boring games I've played but also I'm oddly intrigued by it, I can't explain what it actually is that intrigues me though. The levels are too long, they're uninspired, and there's no music. No music is the biggest killer for it really. I suppose the fact that there's asteroids that break into smaller asteroids means you can see Atari's Asteroids lineage?

Legit feel like this game was made by someone high. It feels like a shitty knock off star fox but to call it a knockoff is an insult to knock offs. It has you play as an anthropomorphic animal who flies in a space where you have to avoid rocks... more rocks... space gas... and rocks that throw rocks at you. Then you fight a boss who has a weak spot and suddenly doesn't and the game kills you about 3-4 time before it's game over.

Awful game and the last within Atari 50.

While this game might have passed for something decent on previous Atari platforms, this is a far cry from the quality of games released from other developers in 93.