Ultimate Sackboy

released on Feb 21, 2023

Play as Little Big Planet's iconic hero Sackboy as he takes on the legendary Ultimate Games, the most prestigious – and craziest – obstacle racing tournament in all of Craftworld! Can you surpass your rival, win the race, get cool prizes all while lookin' real stylish?! Or will you run into a wall and get totally wiped out?!

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It's nothing really special. It's fun, but the ads are annoying and the battle pass is gross as always. Uninstalled.

I mean it's alright, like? The new updates made this go from 2 stars to 3 stars.

I really don't understand how you fuck up an endless runner, but here we are.

Imagine pegar subway surffers, passar na bunda e lançar na Play Store.
É exatamente o que esse jogo se trata.
Eu fiquei com tanta raiva jogando isso que nem quero me aprofundar tanto.
Apenas saibam que: o jogo é feio, a gameplay é lenta e triste, o ritmo dos desafios é uma bosta, o art style é triste de ruim e o jogo tem micro transações em todo canto.
Só... fiquem longe disso.

Bad even for an endless mobile runner. I wish the LittleBigPlanet brand got more respect than this.