Urban Yeti!

released on Aug 16, 2002

Urban Yeti is is a smooth scrolling 2 1/2-D platform adventure, and might very well be the strangest game you've ever played. You can smash your way through 4 twisting city stages, or attempt to avoid detection all together. Either way the Human AI will adapt as you progress - the more contact you have, the more aggressive they'll become. There are even some unique minigames to add to the excitement - Yeti Frisbee, managing the local "Yeti Kingdom Of Eats" restaurant, and catching poultry to offer to your prospective mate. You can even float down a lazy sewer river o' fun on a giant tube! Achieve the ultimate goal and show the world just what kind of Bigfoot you really are.

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If you told me that a fake cult of crazy people made this I would believe you because that's true.

Some european 4th grader brought this shit to school one day saying "Check it out, I got the Yeti GTA" and everyone lost their shit thinking they were the coolest mf in class.


Absolutely perfect, gaming truly is an art form.