WarioWare: Touched!

released on Dec 02, 2004

Wario makes his debut on the Nintendo DS with hundreds of all-new minigames. Now you must complete your goals by using the touch screen and a stylus. Tap, scratch, and rub your stylus on the touch screen to play minigames that have you do everything from milking a cow and drawing a mustache to hurling stars at evil ninjas. You can even play some minigames by blowing into the DS's built-in microphone. The more minigames you clear, the more characters and items you unlock.

The 3DS version was exclusively available for a few months in 2016 to My Nintendo members.

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Great entry in the WarioWare series. It'll destroy your touch screen though, which ultimately keeps me from playing it more.

WarioWare with touch screen games. Its fun and breezes right by. Enjoyed it very much.

WarioWare Touched was one of my childhood favourites when it came to the games I played on the DS as a kid so I was more than happy to see that this game managed to still hold up when I revisited it recently.
It's a really fun collection of microgames that makes as much use of the DS's capabilities as possible. One minute you're tapping on the touch screen to get rid of pesky flies and the other you're blowing into the microphone to knock out a boxer from Punch-Out.
It's random and wacky and full of that strange iconic charm that the WarioWare franchise is known for... and I love it just for that.

Enjoyable enough gameplay, very charming and silly music and art style. Has some extra content of varying quality. I think it could have used less exposition and more time playing the micro games.