We Were Here

released on Feb 03, 2017

Lost and separated in an abandoned castle set in a frozen wasteland. Your only possession left is a walkie-talkie, with a familiar voice on the other end. Can the both of you find your way out in time?

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Eles sabiam o que estavam fazendo ao criar tantos símbolos parecidos com uma piroca
- diante de insígnias que portam uma associação tão clara, todavia ainda imersas em ambiguidade diante da variação de pirocas presentes, os jogadores se vêem forçados à trabalhar melhor sua comunicação, a fim de esclarescer se estão falando da piroca simplista, da piroca convexa, ou, da minha favorita, a piroca com bolas.

I love that this genre exists and the fact that there are five games in this series warms my heart to no end. All theme and story critiques are paused when talking about these games.

this was fun but it hella felt like a demo but i am excited to play the others

Será que eles estavam aqui?

As a concept it is interesting, the location in which it is set has a certain atmosphere that personally really drew me in. It has one player take the role of a librarian - A guide that uses the various tools they have in their zones to guide the explorer to solve the puzzles

I rate this game so low because it is a very convoluted mess where things don't work out the way they are addressed to you in ways that are very intuitive and quick to pick up on. A key example of this is the theatre scene where the librarian has to guide the explorer to move props on stage to build the various scenes the narrator tries to spell out but unfortunately, none of the information makes sense. Hence, you find yourself scrambling to figure it out and you probably won't without dying a few times. It's also pretty buggy, my friend somehow moved more than one lever at once which made building the scenes janky.

I however give it some bonus points because of the chess section where I loved guiding my friend who is terrible at the game how to do a scholar mate and it was very funny to do that.