Wii Sports

released on Nov 19, 2006

Bowl like a pro or go for that home run...
Experience Tennis, Baseball, Golf, Bowling and Boxing as you never did before. Thanks to the Wii Remote, each sport will be immediately familiar and easy to play. And, when you feel ready, challenge your friends and family: everybody will be in for some serious Wii Sports fun!

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The perfect arcade game. Another type of game they'll never make again.

The only sports I care about

I used to work in a nursing home that had a wii bowling league, and a team of 5 ladies who we actually recorded and submitted to a national tournament.
So shout out to Dot and her perfect game, and to the wonderful team in 2013, you all did great!
Seriously, though. I could completely leave the other sports on here - the bowling is pretty much a perfect little party game and is such an incredible experience for people with handicaps that no longer allow them to play real physical sports or other games anymore. If you can move an arm and a finger, you can still play this (and if you can't, I hope there is someone with you who can help.)

best game ever i really love it slay

if you have touched a controller you probably already know what this is and have already played it. I personally never got the hype and preferred wii play back in the day but maybe that's just me being a PLAYER and not a gross SPORTSER. the OST do be raw tho

One of the best party games, and a solid single player game