Your Turn to Die: Death Game by Majority

Your Turn to Die: Death Game by Majority

released on Aug 28, 2017

Your Turn to Die: Death Game by Majority

released on Aug 28, 2017

Your Turn To Die: Death Game By Majority is a multi-ending horror adventure game. Your decision will directly affect the story and final outcome!

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Si bien el gameplay puede ser algo tosco, la historia y sobretodo los personajes son excelentes. El juego logra hacer que te involucres al 100% con lo que está pasando, y que verdaderamente sientas las emociones que desea transmitir en todo momento.

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Was not expecting to enjoy this as much as I did but the characters had me hooked. Rip Joe, still miss you homie

Pretty unique game. The coloring stands out a lot, the puzzles and trials do make you stop and think, story is complex and filled with mysteries as of today. Makes the game more interesting if you ask me.

Maybe the backgrounds can be lazy at times, and the BGM are short and looped, and a lot of sprites are just a single pose with a redrawn facial expression on it.
It's a pretty good game, can't wait for it to be finished. One look at YTTD and you could recognize it anywhere lol

One of the best games I have ever played. Like Danganronpa but better most of the time. Amazingly written characters with insane character developement and the best mysteries I have ever seen in this kind of game.

Really engaging game with great characters. It's hard to predict what will happen but in a way that makes sense. There are enough crumbs left for you to piece together things. The Games have some of the most compelling writing I have seen in a visual novel style game like this. Love this game.

Phenomenal writing. The element of choice and themes of what it means to be a human are freaking awesome. My number one game recommendation