Zombie Zone

released on Aug 26, 2004

Zombie Zone is the European localized name for the first game in the OneeChanbara series. It's a part of the Simple 2000 series by Japanese publisher D3 Publisher, as part of a series of budget priced games that usually sell at 2000¥. You play as Aya, a scantily clad cowgirl with a scarf, in a hack-and-slash against slow-moving zombies in little arena's. There is a feature called "sword fatigue": if you don't clean your sword in time, it will get stuck in an enemy, giving him an advantage over you. There are also slight RPG elements. You can upgrade your characters by collecting orbs dropped by defeated enemies. At the end of each level, you can use the orbs to make Aya more powerful. Sometimes the enemies drop red orbs; if you collect enough of them, you turn into a demon. Your attacks become more powerful, but they also take away from your health.

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One of those very crappy games i somewhat enjoyed. Have to give it props for is the sword clean mechanic, pretty original, some ok bosses in there too. Of course it isnt without its questionable design choices like getting stuck on corners, the uncomfortable camera, certain enemies requiring you to be in Berserk state, the upgrade system, off the top of my head. I would recommend to play the Zombie Hunters version instead anyway.

The worse version of OG Oneechanbara. Just play Zombie Hunters or Onechanpuru instead if you really need to play these ones for completion's sake.