I don't really know what constitutes "Completed" in this game in a casual sense (finishing all the series quests, I guess?) but this was a fun time killer game in my Zelda waiting room.
I enjoyed Theatrhythm a lot when it first released on the 3DS and it's nice to see the series continuing today. I miss the wonky, loopy tracks that you traced with the stylus on the 3DS, but the game works surprisingly well on Switch.
The music, to nobody's surprise, is amazing as intended. It's so fun to play to the beat of my favorite FF tracks and I've definitely played them numerous times to try and master the next difficulty (some are downright impossible without memorizing the directional buttons though). It sends WAVES of nostalgia over me and at times I was tempted to start up a new file of the older FF games because of it.
The RPG elements are light, simple, but interesting enough for me to actually try to create a party that could do enough damage to complete quests. Overall, a cute and fun game that will be fun to start up every once in a while when I want to play around to some of the best tracks in VG history.

Reviewed on May 12, 2023