Despite what may look like as simple screenshots, Drop is a deeply engaging and fast action hacking game that really makes you feel the tension of getting in and out of the system.
The mechanics are introduced in a very good pace that let's you get used to the systems and start mastering your movement through the networks and at the same time increasing the intensity and adding tools to make your job more efficient. And despite adding a lot to keep track of, the sound design is so good that just by hearing things you'll start to notice dangers that need your attention, or if process has already ended. The UI is also incredibly intuitive, when everything clicks, it really does make you feel like you are a master at your job.
The real genius comes from each mission time limit, you'll always have 5 minutes to complete a drop, and this not only increases the tension but also makes you consider how much further you can push to get more credits, it also adds a certain addictiveness of "just one more drop".
There is also a story, but as it is told through text messages from a bunch of different NPCs and organizations, you do have to be paying some attention to remember what each organization does and who is working for what, it did get a bit confusing at some points for me, but the overall plot is simple enough.
In the end the beauty here is the simplicity, everything seems incredibly thought out so you can glance and know what situation you are in and have the reflexes to solve it. Drop is fast, thrilling and super satisfying to play.

Reviewed on Apr 24, 2023