For some reason I've always found myself victim to needing every single Namco Museum I can get my hands on, but the original series for the PSX continues to be my favorite versions. Cute cinematics, great documentation of media related to each game, convenient tutorials, and the first Namco Museum has a fairly solid selection of games as well. Pac-Man is always a classic and there's no need to comment, same with Galaga. Pole Position is fun if you turn the volume all the way down and don't get motion sickness. Bosconian is pretty fun although not that engaging to me personally. Including both version of Rally-X is awesome, even if New Rally-X completely negates the need for the original IMO. Toy Pop is the only game I'm not entirely a fan of, simply for the fact that controlling the game feels too slippery. A very fun time and very relaxing as well.

Reviewed on Aug 06, 2022