I never played the first one, but I decided to pick up this one since I'm basically at the point where I'm just buying every new fighting game.

I really enjoy it. The character designs are fantastic from a gameplay perspective. Everyone has an interesting gimmick and style and in true anime fighter fashion there's plenty of depth and weird stuff each character can do.

The tutorial is fantastic. It does a great job of teaching you both the game's specific systems and general knowledge that will help with the fighting game genre. The language in the tutorial is approachable and easy to understand. The same goes for the missions (character guides and combo trials). If you wanted to learn a character this pretty much sets you up with the basics and a foundation to build upon.

Online works well. However, this is a super niche game in an already niche subgenre of anime fighting games. Sometimes it takes a while to find a match. At some points, you'll end up matching with the same few people back-to-back-to-back. That's not really fun.

There's not much single-player content. The game's mechanics are pretty complicated and with the small population I don't really feel like it's something I want to fully put time into.

If you thought Tekken was a legacy skill game, UNI2 your first few hours are going to involve getting mixed into oblivion by even C ranked players because chances are, those players also played UNI1 and know what's going on.

The game is fun. It's overpriced for what is offered. If you can catch it on sale in a few months it'll definitely be worth it. Otherwise, idk, if you thinking about buying UNI2 you already probably own Melty Blood, BBCF, BBTAG, or Strive. Just play those until you catch a good sale.

Reviewed on Mar 25, 2024