a fun and quite frankly refreshing game despite it's glitches and jankiness - i enjoyed my playthrough a lot, with a lot of the new generation 9 pokemon being some of my new favorites in the series, and the stories being some of the best ones in modern pokemon. it's a huge step up from sword and shield, a game i can't even really bother myself to finish a second playthrough of despite my habit of doing that with pokemon games

as with pokemon companys shoot itself in the foot one-step-forward-two-steps-back methodology, there's still a lot to be desired, especially with the jankiness of the graphics and some of the game itself in rare cases - while it hadn't affected my initial playthrough much, some moments were unintentionally ruined by now storied glitches (the elite 4/champion memory leak being one)

and goooooddd playing through the game again now the intro is LONG, as with a lot of modern pokemon. overall, though, it's still a very fun experience... just maybe not the one you're looking for if you're looking for stability

Reviewed on Mar 18, 2023