A whole game based on a mini game in another game. Gwent Pro Max

-The gameplay is either running around in the map or playing a match of Gwent. In the map(s), you have to go to a specific point to continue the story but you can wander around in there to find some resource or fight some monsters. And the fighting is just Gwent; sometimes you only need to win one set, sometimes you need to win two. There are also some puzzles in the game for when you encounter some monsters; there is even a match-three Gwent game. I gotta say, Gwent is a great mini game but it gets really boring when you have to play it constantly,

-The visuals are stunning. The environment is very much like a comic book; so is the design of the characters and cards. The only game I can think of with the same approach to art direction, is Hades. I prefer this one though...

-The Story is amazing; like every other Witcher game. You play as queen Meve who is one of the rulers in the north of the Continent. Nilfgaard is invading the north and you have to overcome the obstacles in your way to defend your realm. Your choices are very important in the story. You might find or lose a companion with every choice; although they won't effect the fact that you are going to defeat the Nilfgaardian empire.

-The music and voice acting is fantastic. The music is mostly Witcher 3's, recycled. And the voice acting, fantastic. Every line is delivered with the right amount of emotion; and the narrating method of telling the story makes it sound like an audio book.

-The level design is pretty alright. The paths are clear and obvious. You go down a path, which either leads to another path or leads to nowhere.

A decent spin off to a great franchise. Overall I think it's worth one playthrough, but I don't think I'll get back to it again. As eye catching the art design, and as intriguing the story, the gameplay just can't hold up.

Reviewed on Apr 01, 2024