It might be kind of easy and some chapters have their share of repetitive battles, but there is a ton here to appreciate purely as a work of art. From the deceptively simple yet satisfying combat, to the presentation, to the narrative structure, to the music, there's something here for any JRPG veteran to enjoy while still being accessible enough for new and young players alike. I think Kingdom Hearts fans in particular kind of owe it to themselves to play it, as Yoko Shimomura's first major soundtrack with Square(soft) may very well be her best. I never played the original SNES fan translation so I have little to compare it to, but this remake blew me away on several occasions. Each chapter contains a nice little bite-sized adventure and they never overstay their welcome. Despite any small gripes I have, it's an experience like no other.
But for the love of God, if you make it to the endgame use a guide and save yourself the frustration.

Reviewed on Mar 11, 2023