Ace Attorney Investigations 2

released on Feb 03, 2011
by Capcom

Gyakuten Kenji 2, also referred to as "Ace Attorney Investigations 2" by Capcom staff, is the sequel to "Gyakuten Kenji" (known as "Ace Attorney Investigations: Miles Edgeworth" in English) and the sixth game in the "Ace Attorney" series of text adventure video games.

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Everything a sequel should be.
Investigations 2 greatly improves on the foundations of its precursor, thankfully without needlessly attempting to rebuild the wheel. With its well thought-out characters, captivating story, and banger soundtrack, this game delivers an electrifying experience from start to finish.

its so funny that this game's predecessor is the series' weakest in pretty much all aspects. how did they go from that to this.. literal masterwork

I wish I had the patience to play this game through.

It is nearly impossible for me to craft with words how necessary Ace Attorney was to me in my life. A dear friend to me in some of my most crucial moments, these games transcend a connection that I don't think most people can understand. I feel at home here, and especially with Miles Edgeworth, whose character was foundational to my growing up and path in life.
I had my doubts about replaying this game. With the original trilogy, I feel as if it has a warm place in my past, but it almost feels wrong to revisit it as an adult. Nonetheless, I decided to experience aai2 again since I barely remembered the contexts of most of the cases, and it was the last one i played before tgaa. I am very, very happy I made this decision. I have not felt like this in so long, so passionate and invested in the power of a story. It is an intense feeling that I remember having as a child too, it was these very games that inspired me to learn several arts that are foundational aspects of me today. I never grew up with a father, and I was very much alone my whole life. I saw and experienced many wrongs committed by people who were supposed to know better than I, and I've never had a voice to object to it. To me, what this game has to say is very important. To choose your own path in life and be able to see the world clearly, this was what I wanted to live by as a child. And though some things could be better, and I have grown more since my first time here, I can not reject the impact this series had on me years ago and even still today.
I feel profound gratitude to the people who translated this game and let me experience it for myself. I still hope for an official translation one day, but the amount of love and care put into making this accessible to the west is really incredible, and I'm just so so happy I got to play it once more. This is a little embarrassing, and I always feel like my words aren't accurate enough, but even if it is hard I just want to share my love for this game and the characters in it. Goodbye, aai2, may we meet again in a few years.

dunno why people love this one so much. it's great but I didn't get nearly as much out of it as I did the original trilogy

I really liked this game when I played it 2-3 years ago, but now, while I know I can tell you what happens in it, it feels like I don't remember what happens in it at all. Does that make sense?