Asuka 120% Limited Burning Fest.

released on Oct 09, 1997

Every year, during the prestigious all-girls' school Ryouran Academy's culture festival, a fighting tournament is held, with representatives from each of the school's clubs duking it out to determine what the school's priorities for club funding will be for the next year. Naturally, the more athletically-inclined clubs tend to place higher than the culturally-inclined ones, with the Chemistry Club in particular suffering from a humiliating string of losses in the tournament prelims...

Enter one Asuka Honda, scouted in middle school by the current Chemistry Club president and subjected to a year's worth of Training from Hell in order to be the Chemistry Club's secret weapon. Making it past the prelims, Asuka enters into the final tournament, where she and a host of girls all vying to improve their club's standings will face off.

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If i rated this below 5 stars romanian nationalist Corneliu Codreanu would rise from the dead and torture me to death

The fights outside my high school were just like this