Beetle Adventure Racing!

released on Mar 24, 1999

Take control of a collection of the latest Volkswagen Beetle "2.0" models, from street type to off-road designs, and race across varying road types that will test your speed and endurance! Find shortcuts or use nitro boosts to finish first in order to move on to the next track. If the computer AI is to easy for you, battle against a friend in two player race mode or challenge up to 4 people in a special Battle Mode, with added abilities including weapons, from mines and rockets to magical elements, while collecting the flag and finding the exit!

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Played this back in the day because a friend of mine bought it. Even back then, I scratched my head at the concept of a car manufacturer model-specific racing game.

The highlight of this game was the track design. Tracks were long and littered with secret routes/shortcuts that sometimes, in turn, had other alternate routes or shortcuts within them.

All in all, this game had no business being as good as it was. Definitely a rare but fun game released in the late life cycle of the Nintendo 64.

The first game I ever picked out at the store. I was 3 years old and I've always had genius level intuition about these things

The drift is a little lacking but the track design is phenomenal.

I remember really liking this one as a kid, the secret routes in this game were very fun to look for and find. The dinosaur in the Jurassic park spoof scared me.

Drivin' on down Route Y2K
beep beep