Beyond Good & Evil

released on Nov 11, 2003

Beyond Good & Evil is an action-adventure game with elements of puzzle-solving and stealth-based games. The player controls the protagonist, Jade, from a third-person perspective. Jade can run, move stealthily, jump over obstacles and pits, climb ladders, push or bash doors and objects, and flatten herself against walls. As Jade, the player investigates a number of installations in search of the truth about a war with an alien threat.

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Won me over with the Jamaican Rhinos

Played it when I was a kid. I can't remember much but I think it was good.

Beyond Good & Evil is one those titles that has been known and acclaimed for years as a cult classic despite not many people played it.

Being designed and directed by Michel Ancel, it carries a LOT of the elements that makes titles like Rayman 2 special. But also features a lot of thingsthat make it stand out compared to these other works.

It presents a grim but also enthrilling world, with really charming main and side characters and a narrative revolved around the struggle for survival against a menace from space.

It has a gameplay involved about combat, puzzle-solving and exploration that combines so many gimmicks and events that make it a really experimental title for its time, even if the often stiffness of the controls and the janky camera plays against it sometimes.

The open world aspect of it also makes it stand out, as you are free to explore this distopic land alo with the use of various vehicles.

It does a lot of thing and experiments with a lot of assets... sometimes those gimmicks feels undercooked, but still lead to a great experience that never bores you.

Give it a shot, it's a really cool underrated gem!

Идеальная адвенчура с кучей геймплейных элементов. Лучшая часть игры - полуоткрытый мир, который интересно исследовать, искать секреты. Боёвка, стелс, мини-игры, гонки проработаны на поверхностном уровне, но их сочетание даёт чувство разнообразного приключения. Разочаровали только убогие уровни в пещерах и на заводах и кое-где тягомотный стелс.

Absolute banger soundtrack!

I spotted this game in the toy store bargain bin and bought it with my saved-up money ca. 2004. It being Pegi 7+ I was sure it'd get my parents approval as I was already an avid gamer at 9. But nay, they analyzed it and let the axe drop. Confiscated it right after I had tried the first level. One could surmise that the spite this incident manifested in me would ensure I become a relentless gamer later on... and here I am! Thanks mom and dad.