Blue Reflection: Second Light

released on Oct 21, 2021

Blue Reflection: Second Light follows Ao Hoshizaki, a girl who attends summer school for supplementary classes and becomes lost in an unknown world. She meets three girls — Kokoro Utsubo, Yuki Kinjou, and Renya Miyauchi — who have lost their memories and live in an isolated school surrounded by water. One day, a path and portal leading to another world appears and the girls decide to go through it. They eventually come across a monster and unlock a power that lets them fight back. In addition, Blue Reflection protagonist Hinako Shirai will appear in the game having also lost her memories.

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A canon gay couple makes all the tedious battles worthwhile
Also, not only there is a canon couple but the writing is so good...
Loved it so much

The thing about putting actual gay characters in your seemingly-yuribait game is that it's a very refreshing surprise, yes, but after that you've blown the whole lid off the premise. There's no more plausible deniability to building a luxurious bed and invited ten other girls to cuddle you in it, we all know that shit is gay now.
What I'm saying is Ao/Uta real. 5/5.

This review contains spoilers

YukiRena <3

wish game devs took more from gust and learned how to write like they do because the characterization and spectacularly handled romance in this game is worth the asinine crafting systems and shitty combat. like god damn if this is not some of the best writing ive ever laid me eyes upon...
lesbians and jank improve every game and i will die on that hill

Played the demo on Switch and I mostly liked it. I wish there was more gameplay (there was tons of cutscenes but some cutscenes showing our character going out somewhere could have been a gameplay moment) and more exploration but I understand that it's a very linear game with a focus on story. The combat felt great and the characters felt real too. I plan to buy and play the full game when I get the chance.