Botany Manor

released on Apr 09, 2024

Welcome to Botany Manor, a stately home in 19th century England. You play as its inhabitant Arabella Greene, a retired botanist. Explore your house and gardens, filled with botanical research, to figure out the ideal habitat for a collection of forgotten flora. Grow each plant to discover the mysterious qualities they hold…

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A cool walking simulator/puzzle game that you can finish in a single day.

Botany Manor é um jogo muito bom para passar o tempo, ele é bem rápido e dá pra zerar em algumas horas.
Acho q ele se enquadra como um jogo de puzzle, porém não são puzzles difíceis, mas foi gostoso d jogar e é mais uma prova d como jogos indies são mt bons e ótimas descobertas.

Botany Manor boldly asks the question 'What if The Witness was a good game?'

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Não há nada de novo ou inovador na busca de Arabella para preencher seu herbário, mas Botany Manor é uma experiência impressionantemente agradável. Acessível a todos os tipos de jogadores, mesmo que você nunca tenha feito um escape room antes, seus puzzles são interessantes de resolver e as plantas também são legais de ver crescer. Embora sempre haja algo para melhorar em qualquer jogo (e aqui poderíamos ter uma interface melhor, por exemplo), simplesmente adorei minha ida à mansão e estou animado para ver mais aventuras feitas por esse time. Ah, se cuidar das minhas plantas aqui em casa fosse tão fácil quanto resolver um quebra-cabeça...

In the realm of deduction-based mystery games, Botany Manor probably will feel a lot simpler than games like Case of the Golden Idol or Return of the Obra Dinn. What it makes up with is the game's vibes and charm.

Set in a British manor in a different time period, most of what you're going to be doing in this game is reading context clues, deducing facts about plants and attempting to make them bloom. Your main method of achieving this is by attaching clues you find to specific plants. While the level of deduction required for these plants are less demanding, it does ramp up to add complexity as you're attempting to deduce multiple plants towards the end of the game. The "Aha!" moments in this game is decidedly the most satisfying parts of this game.

Combined with this satisfying gameplay loop is a very The Witness-like artstyle and a simple but poignant story. I sincerely was not expecting to find a story about a woman trying to lead her own life (And not being forced to marry) and being subjugated to relentless sexism in the field of botany in this game! The ending in particular really caps off the narrative well and made the runtime of the game worth playing.

Speaking of runtime...I was surprised by how short this game is (Around 4 hours). This might make it a hard pill to swallow considering its 30 ish launch price. In addition, I felt that some of this runtime is being padded out by having to run back to reread clues due to the fact that you cannot review clues you've found in your book.

With all the nitpicks aside, I really enjoyed my time with Botany Manor. If you're in the market for a nice little mystery game that doesn't make so much demand of the player but still uses your brain enough, I think you'd have a good time with this. A perfect game to try out on Game Pass as well!

Botany Manor präsentiert sich als schnelles und kurzes Puzzle-Spiel, wo man 12 Blumen nicht nur zu pflanzen, sondern auch unter bestimmten Bedingungen zum Blühen bringen muss. Das Spielkonzept ist einfach, bietet aber eine angenehme Mischung aus leicht zu lösenden und manchmal lästig komplizierten Rätseln.

Ein Kritikpunkt ist der umfangreiche Text, der in Botany Manor vorkommt. Während die Geschichte und die Informationen interessant sein können, fällt auf, dass das Spiel weniger auf visuelle Elemente setzt und stattdessen vom Spieler verlangt, viel zu lesen. Dies kann den Spielfluss für diejenigen, die eine visuellere oder dynamischere Präsentation bevorzugen, etwas bremsen.

Zum Ende hin verliert das Spiel an Schwung und wird zunehmend öder, was dazu führt, dass das anfängliche Engagement und die Neugierde mit der Zeit nachlassen können.


Botany Manor presents itself as a quick and short puzzle game where you not only have to plant 12 flowers but also bring them to bloom under specific conditions. The game concept is straightforward, yet it offers a pleasant mix of easy-to-solve puzzles and some that are annoyingly complicated.

One criticism is the extensive amount of text in Botany Manor. While the story and information might be interesting, it is noticeable that the game relies less on visual elements and instead requires players to read a lot. This can slow down the gameplay for those who prefer a more visual or dynamic presentation.

Towards the end, the game loses momentum and becomes increasingly tedious, leading to a decline in initial engagement and curiosity over time.