Call of Duty: Modern Warfare III

released on Nov 10, 2023

The game brings "open combat, " offering players more choices in approaching the single-player missions. Makarov returns as the chief villain of the new campaign. The newly introduced Carry Forward system will let players keep their progression and inventory from Modern Warfare II. Multiplayer fans can expect 16 maps at the launch and at least 12 coming later. Zombies mode will also return and should offer the largest zombie map to date.

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Eu jogo essa merda todos os dias, mas eu tenho que dizer, puta merda que jogo lixo, cara no warzone 2, pelo menos dava pra jogar tranquilo em ashika, mas do nada, surgiu essa febre do cronus zen, o warzone 3 esta lotado de hack, eu até pensei em comprar o jogo, mas decidi ficar só no warzone mesmo, puta merda.
matchmaking de rankeada bizonho, fora quando não entra na partida e tomo ban do nada, tomo ataque ddos direto bicho, desde que a microsoft comprou a actvision, teve essa piora nos servidores

No series in worse purgatory than Call Of Duty. Outside of sports games there is no other series dropping annual games at full price, because the alternative of F2P is too lucrative in drawing in new players and then making all its money from micro-transactions. BUT COD not only gets its yearly $70+ initial purchase but it than has multiple battle passes priced at $15-$30 and also has skins as expensive as $30. I don't know how sustainable this is. Because as good as the sales for this game is, when the stuff you buy doesn't transfer over, as it does in Fortnite or basically all other GAAS. Players will realize it isn't worth it. Doesn't help that this game is the most phoned in lazy entry in the series.

Ilário que pegaram o multiplayer do COD, colocaram um mapa aberto com missões feita as pressas, pra ser pior o final é incompleto

slophammer just don't know how to cook man...

The Campaign is horseshit, but everything else is just another call of duty experience, but much more refined. The multiplayer is fun, and the zombies mode is decent overall. Not the best cod, but it's easily better than Vanguard and MW2.

If you support this game YOU are the problem