Contraband Police

Contraband Police

released on Mar 08, 2023

Contraband Police

released on Mar 08, 2023

Take over the duties of a border guard inspector in a communist country of the 80's. Smuggling, corruption and forgery are the order of the day here. Be vigilant and earn the respect of your superiors.

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I would like to score this higher because the inspection part of the game is very good. I loved going over the vehicles and figuring out if they were fit to pass. However, the way this game treats everything else, from the chase missions to the shootouts and all the little missions, holds the game back for me. The inspections are excellent but the game design is amateurish, and the game is extremely janky.

Only the campaign is worth it, the freemode gets boring really quick.

Fun, short, buggy as hell. I loved it

Fun game similar to Paper's Please but a lot more interactable

Plusy: mechanika pracy strażnika granicznego zrealizowana całkiem poprawnie
Minusy: system ulepszeń nie ma sensu, drewniany gameplay, beznadziejne misje fabularne, silnik gry ledwo się trzyma, niepotrzebny otwarty świat, niekonsekwentny design świata

A fun Papers Please rip-off that does it's job.
There are enough mechanics to keep you engage through the campaign, and the contraband/vehicle inspection is a good angle.

Unfortunately the rest is janky and gets boring pretty quickly. Gunfights and car rides are way too long and repetitive, and are present way too often.
Also funny how it looks like this had less budget than Papers Please that was made by a single person, because the latter had the intelligence to create a unique artstyle that made its imperfections a strength, whereas Contraband Police just looks like an ugly realistic 3D simulator.
The game is also poorly optimised and the bad (in my case, French) translation sometimes makes the objectives confusing.

I bought this game after seeing a streamer playing it in a non-efficient way and I thought it looked fun and I could play better. Despite its flaws, its core-gameplay is indeed still pretty fun, but even in sales at 20€ it's a bit expensive for what it is.