Dark Souls III

released on Mar 24, 2016

Dark Souls continues to push the boundaries with the latest, ambitious chapter in the critically-acclaimed and genre-defining series. Prepare yourself and embrace the darkness!

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"Oh my god... I get it now."

I don’t really have much to yap about... Dark Souls III just might actually be one of the best games I’ve ever played.

Gameplay is tight and concise. Level design is really great with visually easy to navigate levels -even without something like a map. There are some annoying levels here and there but they are few and far between and ultimately don’t affect my opinion of the game.

Almost every single boss fight was incredibly fun and well designed, and there were almost no instances where I died and felt cheated (which is a pretty common occurrence for me in a certain other FromSoft game). Dark Souls III doesn’t overstay its welcome, but also doesn’t feel too short -it feels like it lasts the perfect amount of time that it needed to.

The story is interesting and I was always interested to find out more about the world when I had the chance to. While I have a few issues with how questing works (it often feels like you’re meant to play with the wiki open on a second monitor) I presume this is to encourage NG+ playthroughs so I can overlook it.

All in all any issues I have with Dark Souls III are ultimately minor and don’t affect my overall opinion of the game. Dark Souls III is fun, it's interesting, and it’s an experience I’m so glad to have had.

Ok I lied, I had plenty to yap about...


Guys will see this and think "hell yeah"

Such a great souls game, timeless classic and set the standard for modern rpg games. Elden Ring and Bloodborne shitstomp it though.

Nenhum Dark Souls nunca vai superar o segundo game. Se você não acha o mesmo você não entendeu o jogo!

(brincadeiras a parte rsrs) O terceiro jogo trouxe o básico que deveria ter nos outros 2 jogos: Fluidez, precisaram fazer 2 jogos e lançar pra uma nova geração de consoles pra dificuldade do jogo finalmente ser o combate ao invés dos bugs e do jogos serem super duros.

Não é o meu favorito mas não é ruim, tem uns feitiços bem divertidos. (e bosses, história e mapas reciclados do dark souls 1 porque a from software não consegue sair do dark souls 1 nunca, criatividade bem baixa)

Only wanted to die twice, 10/10