Death Crimson

released on Aug 09, 1996

Death Crimson is a lightgun game for the Sega Saturn.

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an earnest, chaotic mess, the likes of which might be imitated, but never duplicated. shouts out to the stuff who made death crimson.

oh my god they couldnt have made a worse game had they tried, but that's kind of why this game is so incredible. This game wears its low ratings like badges of honor imo. Legendarily kusoge. the EMPEROR of all kusoge. every other shitty game bows to this one as its king and leader, and for that I must continue to honor it by giving it the lowest score i can possibly bestow. You should definitely give this game a shot though just to see the wondrous trainwreck in action.

Look, the game sucks shit but goddamn I love talking to people about it and showing off the game, the voice acting warrants like a 4 star but then people would think I'm on like crack from LIDL or some shit

kind of like death grips.......

"Actually, the game is fucking...

But the MUSIC is AMAZING!"