Destroy All Humans! 2: Reprobed

released on Aug 30, 2022

Crypto is back with a license to probe. The alien invader returns, groovier than ever. Experience the swinging ‘60s in all its chemical-induced glory and take revenge on the KGB for blowing up your mothership. You’ll have to form alliances with members of the very species you came to enslave.

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I only played the Original DAH 2 once when i was younger, so getting to play this remake was fantastic!
I personally feel the first games remake was a little better than this one but i enjoyed it just as much and being a first playthrough due to not remembering the original well was alot of fun!
Graphics are brilliant, there's been some bugs like npc's floating around the pavement like they're in a car but just suspended in mid-air and some other graphical ones but nothing game breaking or bad at all, nothing takes away from the fun of this game
Combat and controls are mostly the same to the original remake, easy to get to grips with and fun, i played on Mouse/KB and had no issues at all
Soundtrack is decent, i do like the little tune that plays when it shows the title of missions though
Plus the new weapons mixed in with original ones are great fun and gives you plenty of stuff to use
There's side quests along with main quests and most quests have optional objectives to complete if you're going for the 100% like i will be
As of writing this i'm already on 30 hours and that's just completing the game and collecting all collectables so far, these hours will be rising further!
Great game, should definitely play it

The humor in this game is sooooooo overwrought and lazy, so many dude weed jokes

Destroy All Humans 2: Re-Probed is pretty much exactly as i remember it being from my childhood - which is both a good and bad thing.
If you’re wanting a mindless game with a mediocre story and some on-the-fence accents with decent gameplay then look no further.
The major issue is, it keeps faithful to the ps2 classic by retaining the mission structure, which, 99% of the time is just: go here, scan brains to find next location, go there, scan brains again to find your target, kill you target.
Like I said, great for mindless entertainment.

I think DAH2 really outstayed it's welcome. It's a technically good game and a faithful remale - and that may be all you're looking for. But, DAH2 really felt stretched thin with it's fatuous dialogue options, repetitive missions and gameplay, The R. Lee Ermey / Jack Nicholson schtick isn't quite as funny. It's just the same game as the first reskinned with mostly the same mechanics and missions. About half way through, I started skipping cutscenes and rushing through missions just to get it over with.

I gotta be honest for a sec, I had more fun playing the Saints Row reboot than this.
This has been the most apathetic I've felt for a game this year, I feel like one of the reasons why the original DAH2 stood out a lot more compared to the original DAH was 2 offered a lot more quality of life changes that made the game overall better than the first; but DAH1 remake added in most of them so in the DAH2 remake it just feels like more of the same.
One of the faults I had with the game was its style of humor and story, The story and characters for the most part I found uninteresting.
The story takes a lot of inspiration from Bond movies of that era, where you're globe trotting around the world fighting baddies with a stupidly hot blond babe to stop the crazy Russians from destroying the world, but most of it feels like a very surface level of what Bond movie actually are, story's pacing is also pretty bad, the whole time you're in Japan doesn't really go anywhere and feels like a huge waste of time by the end, and I didn't really find Crypto as the main character very interesting outside of his occasional funny joke or one-liner. Also his new love interest is about as interesting as a one-off Bond female love interest, ie not very interesting (at least that's what I've seen from the very VERY little I've seen of James Bond).
The story is full of twists and turns and more stuff being added to the lore but in general, I just didn't care; nothing really grabbed me. DAH1 remake didn't have an outstanding story but it wasn't trying to tell one, it was just a fun wacky alien story satirizing the 1950s era Americana with its red scare and McCarthyism; the closest it got was Crypto uncovering the secret American super agency but even then it wasn't taken as seriously as DAH2 wanted.
They also didn't really do a good job representing the areas of the world that you explore in the game the same way they did in the first game, I suspect it's mostly because they were more focused on making it based around its Bond-style but most of what they have isn't the best, I'd argue the only areas where they even bothered to try was the American areas and UK area, and even then they don't do much with them.
This point might be very subjective but I didn't find this game very funny, like at all. The first game's humor mostly derived from poking fun at 50's era America and all of it's faults, and for better or for worse it held up fairly well, here it's not really the same. In this game they do make jabs at 60's era American culture for about the first 4 hours, and then it mostly just becomes either taking low blows at other countries but not fully understanding their culture the same way they did with making fun of America making hit less, a lot of dick and sex jokes that I personally didn't find funny, 4th wall jokes that got tiresome very quickly, and a lot of stereotypes that border on "almost" flat out racism. Now I know they gave a disclaimer at the beginning of the game saying that the content in the game is from 2006 so it contains content that is offensive by today's standers, but still hearing the Japanese NPS talk in broken English, or hearing a Japanese cop say stuff like I bet in America everyone gets to be black if they want to" or "what are you looking at, at you ever seen a Japanese man walk black before" is a little off-putting and I don't personally find stuff like that funny.
The gameplay in this I found fun at times but boring after awhile, I found the game way too easy at times even when I was playing on the hardest setting,
In my opinion they gave you too many weapons to start off with; you get the zapper and the heat ray less than 2 hours into the game, and at that point you pretty much have every gun you're gonna need because every other gun is either too situational to be used in a firefight, or not nearly as effective as using the zapper and heat ray. I find this so strange since the first game's overall difficulty felt a lot more balanced.
The missions are also pretty forgettable, outside of the one Godzilla boss in Japan I can't remember a single mission that stood out the same way other missions in the first game did. Both in what was going on and how you were doing it.
But the biggest that honestly ruined my time with the game was the awful amount of bugs I encountered while playing.
I played this right after finishing the Saints Row reboot and where the bugs in that game sometimes enhanced my enjoyment; here it just annoyed the fuck out of me because it's not even the fun kind of bug, it's the kind of bug that gets in the way of immersing me.
I encountered god-awful FPS slowdown,
screen tearing in cutscenes,
seeing cars and NPCs loading and dispersing in the distance,
T posing models, models T posing mid-cutscene, NPS not following me when I need them to do it for a mission forcing me to reload a checkpoint, being softlocked out of missions because I respawned outside of where I needed to be forcing me to have to restart the mission, audio not matching the mouth in cutscenes, some sounds not playing in cutscenes, audio just not playing in some cutscenes, some cutscenes not having proper sound mixing, voice audio talking over itself, voice audio repeating what it just said instead of moving on to the next sentence, not being able to play the main story mission forcing me to restart my game, visual effect sticking on the screen until I closed the game, not being able to talk to a character for some missions forcing me to restart the mission and my game, and worst of all out of nowhere spontaneous crashes; it happened to me like 7 times, making this the most crash prone game I've played on a console, where in SR reboot it only happened like once, and yes I was playing with the Day 1 patch.
idk how the game got released in this state or why I haven't seen anyone else talking about it but it definitely ruin a lot of my time playing the game.
This really disappointed me because Destroy All Humans is one of my favorite of the 5th gen, but seeing the state that this game is in, and the fact that I didn't really even like a lot of what the base game even has to offer, it kinda makes me a little worried about the rest of this series. But if you do go through and make a remake of either Big Willy's revenge or Path of the Furon I will be there day 1, seeing bad games get remade into something actually good by fixing the problems those games had is something I'd love to see.

I played the original version of Destroy All Humans! 2 a few years ago. My thoughts on that game were that the gameplay was an overall upgrade from the original, but almost everything else was a downgrade, especially when it came to the characters, narrative, and themes. And while I enjoy this remake more than the original game, it hasn't done too much to change my opinion on that.
The gameplay is great overall. The weapon arsenal is creative and fun to use. I loved using the asteroid gun the most, flattening an entire neighborhood without having to use the saucer still gives me a huge rush of dopamine. There were a few weapons I didn't use too much (I don't think I used the borrow beast gun at all after I unlocked it), but I had a blast with the ones I did use. The maps are also incredibly fun to explore, and doing so was probably my second favorite part of the game, next to blowing everything up of course. There's so much detail put into the maps that I found myself stopping every once in a while to just look around at the scenery, I particularly loved the American map the most (probably because I'm American, and it reminds me the most of the first game).
However, as I said before, while I enjoy the gameplay, the overall narrative and thematic direction are a huge downgrade when compared to the first game. The original game's main point was to satirize 1950's Americana through the lens of what the people at the time feared most: Aliens (which were a metaphor for communism, the thing they actually feared most). You could argue that the first game was basically an alien horror film parody, where instead of fighting against a specific cast of characters, the alien fights against its own audience. The entire game was built around this thematic idea, and it worked out brilliantly, both in the original version and the remake.
For the sequel, they decided to take a different approach. Instead of satirizing American culture through the lens of something that dominated the culture at the time, they decided to make this one...a James Bond parody? For some reason? Other than the fact that this game takes place in the 60's, which was when Bond originated and became popular, I seriously cannot figure out why they decided to go in this direction.
I've actually been watching Bond films over the past year, I've watched everything prior to Goldeneye, so I have at least a decent understanding of the Bond from this era. And in all honesty, the parody is extremely surface level. The game only parodies general concepts from Bond media such as: globetrotting, Russia being the bad guys, and conventionally attractive woman being in the story for Bond/Crypto to get with. The only other elements of note are the references to the films, such as certain mission titles and the character Dr.Go! who is a parody of Dr. No. Aside from that, there really just isn't much to the whole Bond angle in this game, and it just ends up bringing down the experience as a whole.
On top of that, the story also feels somewhat disjointed at points, especially when it comes to the side missions. In the first game, every mission felt like a step in the direction of one of the two main goals: finding Crypto 136 and overtaking America. But in this game, there are just so many missions and plot elements that feel odd at best and downright counterproductive to Crypto's goals at worse. Everything after the American section, but before the Russian section just feels meandering, like the story is pretending to build up to something, but since we already have a strong idea of what that is, it just ends up feeling like nothing. I honestly can't even remember why Crypto went to Japan at all. I think it was to find some files? Or maybe they found out the Russians where there, so they went there too? It's completely out of my mind.
Though what really distracted me where some of the side missions. Aside from the missions for Holopox or The Arkvoodle Cult, I seriously couldn't figure out why Crypto was bothering with any of these missions. Why did he care about a random guy who dodged the draft? Why did he help cops from all countries arrest people? Why did he help the Russians damage America, the country he's president of? I know why I, as a player did that, but why did Crypto? He has no reason to at all. This is probably one of the most frustrating, and easily avoidable, circumstances of ludonarrative dissonance I've seen in a game recently. It's not a deal breaker, but man, is it annoying and weird.
My stance on the game hasn't changed much over the years, but that was mostly my opinion on the 2006 game, but this isn't that game exactly. This is a remake, a very impressive, and simultaneously, somewhat disappointing one.
The additions to this game as a remake are all fantastic. I loved the new collectibles scattered throughout the maps, they felt far more rewarding to find than just the alien artifacts. Unlocking concept art, posters, and music were genuinely rewarding, and I hope future remakes of any games add extra collectibles like this.
I also loved the insane plethora of skins for Crypto, unlocking skins by completing optional challenges was always so rewarding. Some of the skins were exceptionally creative too, I think my favorite had to be the Soviet outfit you get late game.
The detail put into the world was also a high point for me. Seeing mud get tracked onto Crypto's shoes, or seeing the snow disappear beneath his feet was legitimately amazing. The graphical update this game got is nothing short of spectacular. It gave the game a whole new breath of fresh air that even the 2020 remake of the first game didn't achieve (this is probably the only area I'd say this game surpasses the 2020 remake).
And I also have to give them credit for adjusting the horrendous ending. The ending of the original game is one of my most hated endings of all the games I've played. It' s repulsively misogynistic and just downright disturbing. Even if they were trying to parody Bond endings, the way they did it was uniquely bad. However, in this remake, they adjust just a little bit, to make it far more palatable. They didn't change any of the dialogue at all, they just changed the scenery and added one small moment that wasn't in the original ending that just slightly changed the context to make the scene less horrible. This was a pretty smart move, it's a nice way to still preserve the original intent of the game while still understanding that some of the elements were incredibly bad, even for 2006. (I wish they did something similar for the Family Guy-esque racism in the Japanese section, but I don't think that would have been as feasible).
Unfortunately, there are elements of this remake that fall short of the expectations the first remake set, specifically in terms of performance. I could never hold a stable fps throughout the whole game, which is in large part to how intense the game is graphically. I got used to this over time, but what I couldn't get used to were mechanics just not functioning as they're supposed to. Sometimes progress bars wouldn't load, npcs I was escorting would just run in the wrong direction, and the most infuriating of all, the proximity radar at the bottom of the screen that is used to help you find collectibles just wouldn't work sometimes. These small bugs and glitches aren't too heinous, but they build up over time and ruin part of the experience. I hope they get ironed out in the near future.
Overall, I enjoyed my time with this game, but I still can't recommend it over the 2020 remake of the original game. This game is fun and definitely worth it for the nostalgia, and the new editions are greatly welcomed and strongly improve the experience. But even with those improvements, the fact that this game is a mostly directionless Bond parody with very little to offer story wise, especially compared to the first one can't be overlooked. But hey, if you want a silly game where you play as a not-so-evil anymore alien, this is definitely the game for you. I'm wondering if THQNordic are going to give the same treatment to Big Willy Unleashed and Path of the Furon next.