Destroy All Humans!

released on Jul 28, 2020

A remake of Destroy All Humans!

The cult-classic returns! Terrorize the people of 1950s Earth in the role of the evil alien Crypto-137. Harvest DNA and bring down the US government in the remake of the legendary alien invasion action adventure. Annihilate puny humans using an assortment of alien weaponry and psychic abilities. Reduce their cities to rubble with your flying Saucer. One giant step on mankind!

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I've gotta rescue me - him - he's gotta rescue me - I mean we gotta - I gotta - brains, man - WHEN DO I GET TO BLOW THINGS UP?!

I played this game for Richard Horvitz. I am happy with that. I like a lot of the alien tropes and the destruction makes me all giddy like a child, but I feel that it can wear thin pretty easily.

Great and faithful remaster of a nostalgic game. The gameplay loop itself doesn't quite hold up today though.

A perfect visual uplift of the original. While the gameplay turns me off, if this is your jam go have some fun.

Played this for a few hours cause I was bored and it was free on Playstation Plus. Truly feels out of the PS2 generation mission based third person shooter and I don't mean that as a bad thing. It was decent fun. I really dislike the main alien dude's voice doesn't seem right to me. Didn't feel like a must play or anything but I might come back to it in a slower month. Not sure but I dig the concept.

Good remake/remaster. Have no complaints about it other than the fact you can really only play it for a couple hours at a time before getting bored. But those couple hours are quite fun.