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I always wanted to play this game as a child after playing a demo of it back on the PS2 but was never able to. I think this holds up, its good old fun.

I don't get the point of this crap.

Para mim que nunca jogou o original, achei um ótimo jogo. Fica evidente que o remake/remastered foi especialmente e talvez unicamente nos gráficos, pois a jogabilidade é claramente da sexta geração de consoles. No fim, é um jogo divertido e com limitações que não incomodam na maior parte do tempo.

A Boss final pareceu até meio desnivelada em dificuldade com o resto do jogo, nunca joguei o clássico (só em vagas memórias) e curti demais, mais pra frente vou pro 2.

Aside from a frustrating boss fight near the end of the game, I had fun with this. I never played the original game so this was a good way to finally see how the series started.

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The aliens invade us: the videogame, well they invade the United States during the Cold War to be precise and in the process, they make fun of every possible cliche. It's quite fun and last short enough to avoid being tiresome.
Los aliens nos invaden: el videojuego, bueno más concretamente invaden los Estados Unidos de la Guerra Fría y en el proceso se mofan de todos los clichés que pueden. Está bastante entretenido y dura lo suficientemente poco como para que no se haga pesado.

It's just mindless fun. I played the original when I was a kid and was pretty excited when they announced this remake. It's faithful to the original. It's the same plot (with the same voice actors too). The game controls well, Crypto doesn't feel awkward at all. It's nice to have a game come out that doesn't take itself so seriously. It's just so silly. Sure, the jokes can be hit or miss, but the game is so bizarre it won't bother you. The art style does fit this game (Crypto looks fantastic), however, it needs to be tuned just a bit. A lot of the human models just don't look that good. I noticed at one point an American flag was waving at about three frames per second. Also, there was a pop-in problem with some of the cutscenes. And during one of the cutscenes, a car drove through two people. That stuff is annoying, but it doesn't affect the overall gameplay. If you're looking for some dumb fun, this is the game for you.

incredibly immature and not in the funny and charming way. just kind of bad. like a bad south park episode from 2005. the kid in your middle school math class who wore tapout shirts loved this game. i'd rather sit through borderlands cutscenes
gameplay is decent but you're consistently forced to interact with the writing in a way that's distracting and ruins the whole experience

A bit of a rarity for me, I've cataloged every game that I owned ever since I was a little baby and the 2005 version of this game is one of the few that I have absolutely no recollection of, but I know for sure that I had through some digging around
Of course this is a remake made 15 years later, I gather there's some differences, but it still seems similar enough that even though it's not too crazy good or anything like that, it's still one of the only games that I kinda played for the first time twice! A gamer's dream, and it came true here I suppose!

One of these classics I wished I could've played as a teen, but never got the chance to. Well I finally did, and a version with revamped visuals, improved controls and even some added content at that.
The humour and fun that I expected as a child was definitely there and the quirky/original concept was developed as well as I could've hoped.
A varied list of main missions, each more ridiculous than the last, introduce you to a good amount of small sized open worlds packed with side activities and collectibles. These missions are full of character and do a solid job at teaching you the mechanics the game has to offer.
The whole package really is a fun experience, but it is brought down by controls that arent always as responsive as you'd like and some repetitive content. Especially the side content lacks variety and demands for a lots of precise gameplay which it's honestly not setup for.

Most accurate America simulator

if you like destroying things and also humanity then PLAY THIS!!!1!!

Destroy All Humans
For me this was a childhood classic. something i loved playing growing up and also on Ps now just a few months ago. After that, this remake was announced and i won't lie, i threw my wallet at my screen.
So if you've played the original you'll know what a fantastic game it was, there was so much fun to be had, but if you're playing this for the first time, you're in for a fun ride.
So let's get straight into the gameplay, so much has been improved on by Black Forest Games, for one, it's a tonne smoother, gliding through the air on your jetpack whilst shooting puny humans and blowing up everything in sight has never been easier and felt so smooth. Controls are very simple, easy to access which gun you want to use, using the jetpack, PK abilities, holobob and more!
The missions are near exact to the originals with some slight tweaks here or there with added cutscenes to improve an already brilliant game.
During the Rockwell mission, you holobob the mayor and answer questions to keep the crowd happy, there was also more of this introduced in later missions which were very welcome.
The ufo is very easy to control, just glide around as you'd expect, smoothly and turning just as well, you get all the weapons in the original but to Crypto and the saucer, there are so many more upgrades to get making popping people's heads even more worth it!
So graphically this game imo is beautiful, compare it to the original and you can easily see the level of detail has been put into the graphics to really make this game blast forward into 2020. Now, is it the best graphical game of this generation? probably not but it doesn't take away from the fact that it's a beautiful game with great lighting, textures, ray tracing and overall fantastic detail.
As most games, it's not without it's bugs, i came across a few cars casually driving in mid air up the street and a random person morphing with a building but nothing more since. In the original, when destroying building they would simply just collapse and weren't as destructive as you'd expect BUT in this remake, blowing building up, hearing the explosions and seeing it crumble to bits really makes you feel like the terror has just begun.
We obviously return with Crypto and the classic Pox in this remake, these two miscreants still have their entertaining banter and witty remarks they throw at eachother which makes them a treat to watch during cutscenes and even during the missions. The npc's have also been recreated from the ground up with a more cartoonish look but the style and design is unique and fits perfectly rather than realistic people.
There are still the main characters from the game such as the general, president and more (no spoilers)
Thankfully, even the levels are near exact the same as the original, as expected, some tweaks here or there for great improvements but the layouts are exactly the same with greater details. Turnipseed Farm, Rockwell, Santa Modesta, Area 42, Union Town, Capitol City
The sound in Destroy All Humans Remake, has been greatly improved on. In some instances you will hear original audio from the original game but with a greater quality and no recaptured which i find to be a really nice touch. Other improvements are levels such as Turnipseed farm, you can hear birds chirping very nicely in such a rural environment, obviously busier towns take away a little bit from this and focus more on the surroundings such as more people talking, the Rockwell fair and even the squeaking of cars where people.....well you know the rest.
The weapon sounds have also been greatly improved with the Zap-o-matic sounding alot more like a big Taser and not a faulty plug hanging off the wall, shooting fireballs has never felt so good as it sounds as you'd expect, like a ball of fire being shot although i'm not sure how we'd really expect that to sound lol
This goes for the weapons on the saucer aswell, Shooting the death ray sounds like you could very well shoot through the building and leave a smoldering crater in the earth and don't even get me started on how much i love the quantum de-constructer.
Overall the sound quality in this has been greatly improved and really adds to the gameplay and enjoyment.
In conclusion, after playing this as a youngster i am extremely happy with this remake, it takes me back to being a 13 year old that purely wanted to destroy the human race or use the PK ability to hold someone in mid air and drop them onto a car to hear the thud....i was a sick kid
Gameplay for me is brilliant, fun to play, easy to use and i could just sit around demolishing the cities all day, not to mention the probe collectables you can get on every level!
There is plenty to do, missions are very fun, optional mission objectives makes the missions even more fun and there is challenges to complete on each town which get more difficult as you go on
Very fun, Very Smooth, sounds great and an experience for everyone to enjoy!

THQ Nordic is set on warmastering, re-Mars-tering, rehydrating, and re-reckoning a whole host of games from annals of yesteryear. But instead of touching up classics like Final Fantasy 7, Resident Evil 2, and Crash Team Racing, the publisher has been revisiting fondly remembered titles with less cultural cache. Destroy All Humans symbolizes that initiative and has thus gotten its own 2020 remake. Its probing gear has gathered some rust in the ensuing 15 years, but the probing process itself isn’t as uncomfortable as that gap implies.

Mein kurzes Intermezzo mit Destroy All Humans! hat genau das für mich getan, wovon ich ausgegangen bin. Ein wenig Nostalgie, befeuert mit schicker Grafik und liebevollem Herumblödeln im freien Modus. Die Steuerung geht wirklich leicht von der Hand, der ständig mies gelaunte Crypto versprüht unfreiwillig humoristischen Charme und die Gesellschaftskritik an den USA im 50er-Jahre Stil ist heute noch genauso aussagekräftig, wie zum Release des Originals.
Wer mehr von einem solchen Titel erwartet, wird aber enttäuscht. Das Design mit den einzelnen Missionen in kleinen Arealen ist einfach nicht mehr zeitgemäß, tut jedoch seinen Zweck. So bleiben die Aufgaben knackig und langeweilen einen nicht. Und das freie Erkunden ist auch nach Abschluss der Story noch einen Blick wert. Wer als komplett aufgerüstetes Alien die armselige Erdbevölkerung unterjocht, kommt sich mächtig stark vor.

Destroy All Humans é uma sátira total aos Estados Unidos, que brinca com o clássico nacionalismo americano e o medo do comunismo que todo estudante de história conhece.
No jogo você controla Krypto, um alien que invade o planeta terra para domina-lo e criar um império alienígena sobre sua ruína.
Para completar essa tarefa, você precisa destruir cidades, bases militares e até mesmo o governo americano! E para tanta destruicão, você tem um arsenal técnlógico alíenigena que inclui desde lança raios até leitor de mentes e um ovni para destruir qualquer resquício de humanidade naquela área.
Tudo isso implica diretamente no level design, que é propositalmente repetitivo para explorar ao máximo cada mecânica das armas e habilidades, considerando que elas evoluem conforme você progride na campanha. Com isso o jogo fica muito divertido e demora para enjoar.
Aliás, o jogo não se estende muito. Eu demorei 6 horas para completar todas as suas 20 missões, um ritmo bem legal que não deixa o jogo maçante.
Lembrando que o jogo é um remake, e como não joguei o original, não garanto que é melhor ou pior. Porém garanto que o jogo se adaptou muito bem à nossa época, tanto em gráficos como em jogabilidade.
Conclusão: Destroy All Humans! é um ótimo jogo para quem busca uma experiência curta, humorada e divertida, com uma história clichê e descontraída.

Un juego simple pero entretenido, un buen remake a pesar de haber experimentado poco el original, un humor algo tonto pero efectivo.

Das Spiel wäre 50% besser wenn es nicht jede 3 Minuten eine Cutszene hätte die überhaupt nicht witzig sind.

A very faithful remake of the original Destroy All Humans! Unfortunately, this also includes the issues that came with a game of this era, plus the controls really work against certain game modes.

Not much to say I haven’t said in my other review, I just cleaned up for the platinum lol. The platinum itself is fun to obtain and not really hard I guess.

This remake is such a glowup from the original. I love both games dearly but oh man. Destroy all Humans remake is glorious and I absolutely cannot wait for the sequel's remake.

It's definitely a classic, fun experience with a lot of humour, but there's not much variety and it becomes really repetitive after a few missions.

A great example of how to remake an older game, though some of the dated elements of the original are still present enough to tarnish the shiny new finished product.

one of the video games of all time

Me lo he pasado como un enano tambien aqui influye la nostalgia pues este y el 2 seran de los juegos que mas jugue en PS2 y joder el remake esta super bien que ganas del remake de la segunda parte ^^

This game is currently in the Humble Choice for April 2022, this is part of my coverage of the bundle. If you are interested in the game and it's before May 3rd, 2022, consider picking up the game as part of the current monthly bundle.
A spoof of 1950s alien movies done rather well.
I liked Destroy All Humans back when it came out in 2005. Disclosure, It was the first game I got at a discount while working at THQ Volition, but it also has stuck with me. There’s a great motif and the humor in this game works for me. It has a lot of clever writing. It doesn’t hurt that the main actor does a great Jack Nickelson impersonation the whole game, or that your orders are issued by the same voice actor as Invader Zim, and it makes it so enjoyable.
The gameplay is great, but it pushes the b-movie style. You will zap enemies with electricity guns, use telekinesis and even get in your flying saucer and decimate entire areas. It’s fun and varied and has a great open-world feel to the entire experience.
Pick this up if you’re a fan of the 1950s. The references here might be out of the reach for a lot of people, but it plays with the tropes and had me laughing quite a bit. Like I said I did play this game back in 2006 so there’s a hearty nostalgia here, but the game also looks great and feels like it’s gotten a complete makeover. I’m looking forward to the remake of the sequel now that I’ve seen how well this was handled.
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