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While charming, Destroy All Humans! doesn't hold much substantial content in its gameplay. Everything in this game is very simplistic, from the combat to the flying, and the stealth sections are pretty bad. There isn't much to be said about this game besides the fact it can be a good time waster and something to play when you don't want to think too much.

I somehow never played this before the remastered version. I had a blast with it.

Played 1 level, enjoyed it, never launched the game again.

An ok game but if you don't have nostalgia for the original there isn't that much here to recommend

greatest reveal trailer in human history, the game ran really badly at the final boss but thats a switch issue
not much to do after finishing the story but i still had a lot of fun dicking around with my alien superpowers

I had actually wanted to play this game for a long while, as I always enjoy Richard Horvitz, and he’s all over this game, but I just never got around to it. The game is pretty fun, but very much felt like the PS2 game it was. By this I mean, the game was super fun, then a sudden crazy ramp up in difficulty on the final boss fights. Granted, I didn’t do all the extra side stuff to upgrade all my weapons and abilities, as I just didn’t have time or interest in it. Certainly was a fun throwback though

Cheguei com a expectativa de um open world, acabei me decepcionando um pouco, pois é um jogo de fases, com objetivos e limite de espaço, mas tem uma gameplay realmente divertida, acabei não curtindo muito o boss final mas ainda assim vale a pena jogar, porém não espere tanto, é um jogo bem com a cara do PS2 e não dos modernos jogos de mundo aberto vasto.

Que jogo divertido, não tive a oportunidade de jogar esse jogo antigamente, mas esse remake esta fantástico. O jogo conta uma historia ali, mas ela fica de plano de fundo pra gameplay, que é explodir e matar tudo.

I swear I remember the original game being a lot better than this... But I won't judge this remake for the content of the original. So I guess I'll give 5 stars since it's a good remake, even if playing it made me realize the base game kinda sucks.

It only adds more good to the game. Lots of nice little quality of life changes that you didn't know you needed until you started playing. Plus lots more details to make the world feel more alive. Normally I'm not into remakes, which I guess says something complimentary about this.

The game itself is mindless fun and destruction. It's for people who played GTA but never did the story, just ran around killing everyone. Not really sure who this game is FOR. Its game play loop only entertained me as a kid, and as an adult it falls flat. But then the characters are talking about communism and you're firing an anal probe at people to make their brains pop out, so, who knows. Maybe that means it's meant for the whole family to enjoy together.

It's just fun.

Like sometimes you just need something that's fun.

Horrendous game design got me so angry I broke my headphones, fuck my life.

Na época do play 2 joguei muito do Destroy all humans 2 e muito pouco desse, é legal jogar o jogo e entender as piadas e poder aproveitar mais das baboseiras que o jogo faz, mas o jogo é bem básico e sem muita profundidade.
Me diverti fazendo os desafios para pegar 100%, que também é bem fácil e acrescenta umas horas a mais de jogo.

Pyrokinesis in this game makes for some really fun gameplay. Quick, funny, worth your time.

While I played the original back on the PS2, I can't say I had a lot of nostalgia for this game. The remaster looks great, handles well, and for what it is, was fun all the way through. The humor was hit or miss, but Grant Albrecht's delivery of Crypto carries even the worst jokes. The games levels were varied enough between on foot/saucer combat, and holoblob (cloaking) stealth. By far the funnest parts of the game are destroying entire towns with your saucer.

100% Completion Notes: Had a fun time with this one and its very straight-forward achievement list. Got 90% of the achievements just playing through the game and just had to clean up challenges and optional mission objectives, none of which were too hard.

I have nostalgia but the remake is a little funky.

I didn't play the original ps2 game but for what it is I liked it!

I can appreciate this remake for just how gorgeous it looks- especially on ps5 now that it's been bumped up to sixty frames per second. They also didn't dial the humor back for "mOdErN aUdIenCeS" which was a rather important aspect of the original DAH!

However, it really botched up the holobob mechanic and made the last two bosses ungodly spongy for no reason at all. Those two things are why i prefer the original game. Still I didn't have a bad time with this and in terms of remakes I would put it above Crash N Sane trilogy at least.

Will be completing this soon. Glad to have this and the sequel, which I played briefly in my late teens!

The Crypto Says: a very faithful remaster of the original. no complants :)

adaptação fiel da chegada do et d varginia no interior d minas gerais

A fun enough remake, I had never played the original myself so it was a fun game to experience, the story pokes fun at a lot of serious topics, mainly related to American culture, a lot of the dialogue is campy and does show it's original age, the story isn't all that long and pretty varied with the exception of a couple too many stealth missions, but the main fun to be had is in the side open world activities you unlock by progressing in the campaign with only a couple of those getting at times frustrating towards the end of the game.

Nothing special, but a fun enough thing to pick up for idle fun.

Great if you're five years old, which is probably how old I was when the original came out since I used to think this game was a masterpiece.

It's mechanically fine.. for the most part, but it's just painful to get through. It's sensory overload, the NPCs and main characters just never, ever shut the hell up. It's chaotic in all the wrong ways and was an aggravating slog to get through.

There are very similar mission designs that repeat elements, so half the time you finish them in minutes only for the game to all of a sudden ramp the difficulty to 1,000 right in the final inning for no real reason but to spit on me on its way out.

vastly improved remake that makes me cum, still corny

Took me awhile to get into it, because of the re-usage of the compressed voice acting straight from the original PS2 game.

Other than that, it functions pretty well; human NPCs are cartoony looking, missions and challenges are varied and of course, destroying anything in your path is what I always seek in those type of games.

Great game, plays just like the original with extra QoL updates (like the hoverboard)