Devil May Cry 2

released on Jan 25, 2003

Devil May Cry 2 is the sequel to Devil May Cry. From the start of the game, the player controls Dante or his new partner Lucia through various levels as they battle waves of demons. This game features an Amulet system, with different parts being acquired throughout the levels that can be equipped by accessing the pause menu. The different parts of the amulet can be equipped to change aspects of the characters Devil Triggers form like elemental moves, time stop abilities, faster movement, flight abilities, etc.

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Joguei no hd collection é bem fraco perto dos outros jogos

Tengo miedo de conocer a alguien algun día que le guste este juego. Necesita terapia urgente.

A luta contra aquele helicóptero nooossss que marmota kkkkkk

you know the artstyle is good when it manages to carry the rest of the game on its back because it was the sole reason why i kept playing.
this thing is amusingly bad, cutscenes go nowhere to the point you wonder if there is any missing, you can finish the whole game by jumping and shooting, most bosses have a corner that if you stand still and shoot they will die easily.
maybe one day i'll play lucia disc, that day ain't today tho

Tbh it's not as bad as people say. Yeah it's pretty unbalanced and the plot sucks but hey, Dante is emo and sexy and has an amazing design, what else do you need? Also you can roll so easily and out of combat like Oot Link crossing the hyrule fields and that's really cool.

Better than most give it credit for. Still pretty bad.