In this deck-building game, you play as a chimera summoner on an adventure to restore peace to your world! Explore unique biomes, recruit new chimeras, and build the perfect squad! Command your chimeras using unique dice mechanics to lead your squad to victory!

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The big twist this game adds to the genre is you have a strong amount of control over the enemy actions. Each round of a fight rolls both the enemy's dice and your dice. You get to decide the order of all dice play, with the only requirement that the enemy must use all the dice that they can. Very early into the game, you unlock the ability to reroll, which effects all dice. Though your chimera (monsters you fight with) can be flimsy, the ability to direct enemy actions allows for some interesting choices in the game. Additionally, the synergies the chimera can have present an interesting opportunity for team building. I think the devs need to expand upon the chimera synergies some, with some chimera being noticeably stronger than others. Otherwise, the game was a delight and I look forward to seeing what else they do with it.

Solid turn-based roguelike, the combat system with its dice mechanic is challenging and fun. There is a enough variety of chimeras, equipment and tokens that, combined with the dice customization, allows for various strategies.
The presentation is good, the UI is intuitive and clean, the sounds, the art style, all the artistic elements are well put together.

this is for the DEMO since this game ISNT OUT YET

it's pretty fun! i like a lot of the monster designs and the gameplay of having to make the enemies turns as well to most easily benefit your strategies is fun. excited for the full release (: only 3 stars tho cuz the demo is rly short i beat it in less than half an hour and i kinda wish there was more to see.