Dishonored 2

released on Nov 11, 2016

Dishonored 2 is a first-person action video game and the sequel to Dishonored. It borrows many of the gameplay elements from the first opus: players define their own play style by blending action, assassination, stealth, mobility and combat. Combining tools at their disposal, players are allowed options to eliminate enemies, whether they choose to pursue them unseen or ruthlessly attack head on. Dishonored 2 features the same campaign style as its predecessor in which the protagonist must advance through a series of missions.

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I gave D1 5 stars. I am giving D2 five stars too. D2 blows everything D1 did out of the water. The story is a bit weaker but has a stronger premise and this time I wanted to kill the antagonist and knew who she was.

vtnc como que os controles desse jogo e do primeiro são tão ruins no console, qnd baixei ja nn pensava seria melhor doq jogar no teclado e mouse igual eu joguei o 1, mas pqp os caras levaram isso a um nivel ainda pior com essa m*rda de aceleração de camera q nn da pra desligar no console, e isso nn roda no meu pc, arkane fdp

i can understand why people do like this one as much as the first one maybe from a story stand point but i love the level design of this one and i never really played these games for the story

Dishonored 2 is a great game, and an excellent sequel. Although I like Dishonored 1 more for some reasons, it is clear Dishonored 2 is a step-up in terms of graphics and gameplay.
Once again, the game features a system where your character, the world and the ending are affected by how lethal you are. Play slow and nice, without being seen or killing, and you'll notice a less bleak world and ending, although it might be harder, and, quite frankly, boring.
Using all the awesome powers, weapons, gadgets to leave a river of blood behind your path is much more fun, but is reflected on your character's behavior, the world and the ending. The very definition of becoming what you are trying to stop.