Dishonored 2

released on Nov 11, 2016

Dishonored 2 is a first-person action video game and the sequel to Dishonored. It borrows many of the gameplay elements from the first opus: players define their own play style by blending action, assassination, stealth, mobility and combat. Combining tools at their disposal, players are allowed options to eliminate enemies, whether they choose to pursue them unseen or ruthlessly attack head on. Dishonored 2 features the same campaign style as its predecessor in which the protagonist must advance through a series of missions.

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Dishonored: Death of the Outsider

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Dishonored 2 is awesome if you love stealth and games that give you tons of freedom to play how you want. Sneaking as Emily or Corvo, using their unique powers to take out guards or ghost through completely unnoticed, feels amazing. The world is creepy and cool to explore, the story has some twists, and I love the option to play non-lethally. Can get a little difficult at times, but honestly? One of the best stealth games out there.

Dishonored 2 was a fun experience. I chose to beat the game on my first playthrough as Emily so it was a nice change of pace from Dishonored 1's Corvo as the protagonist. I liked the new powers implemented in the game which helped me do creative kills. My favorite power from this game would have to be the Shadow Walk because I just like how we literally transform into a crawling shadow on the ground and make stealthy kills or get to use it to get around certain areas where there's many enemies. Dishonored has always been my favorite game after playing 1 and now that I've played 2 it just reinforces it even more. I liked the plot and how the game plays for dishonored. Currently on New game+ for my second playthrough as Corvo and IM glad to see that all of Emily's ablities are also available to Corvo. Can't wait to play around with it for a bit. I'll play the DLC soon and will absolutely write my thoughts on that once I finish it

one of the best stealth games. i love the old pc game esque quicksave and quickloading you see in games like portal 1, it really lets you min max in a very fun way. the most fun ive had is doing a no powers ghost and pacifist playthrough recently. It rlly shows how well the game is made considering you can reasonably beat it with that many restrictions.

Devia ser caso de estudo pra todo game dev em formação

I didn't finish this game, but from the little I played I can say that it's incredible, it didn't captivate me as much as the first one, but I loved the Parkour system and Emily's choice not to use dark powers

It takes what made the previous entries and makes it better. Loved it