Doki Doki Literature Club Plus!

released on Jun 30, 2021

An expanded game of Doki Doki Literature Club!

Welcome to the club! Write poems for your crush and experience the terror of school romance in this critically-acclaimed psychological horror story.

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This review contains spoilers

Doki Doki Literature Club Plus! is one of my favorite games of all time. I played DDLC+ on stream, and going through the original game again was genuinely such a fun experience, especially on stream, and acquiring Dan's note was even more heartwarming than it was the first time around. Then, actually getting to play the Side Stories was a so, so comforting. They're really well written and allow the player to see and learn more about the characters. It felt like that was what the game was going to be if Monika hadn't fucked everything up!
Some of the Side Stories nearly made me cry, and if I hadn't been live, I probably would've actually sobbed. Also, the soundtrack and secrets are really good this time around too.

DDLC was, and probably will continue to be, a major hyperfixation of mine. And that is something I'm happy about.

even though i knew the plot twist, i still found myself enjoying DDLC's story. i also love the short stories and in-game file explorer :)

Wow I sure am attached to these characters I hope nothing bad ever happens to them.

You kinda get whats on the tin on this one. Its DDLC with a little bit more lore thrown around. The extra episodes were cute and it was nice to get some slice of life time with these characters and see them fleshed out a bit more. I have to comment about how silly hard it was to get all the achievements due to the instructions for unlocking everything to get to 100% completion on the journal being unclear at best, which lead to HOURS of digging around to try to figure out what I was missing. Just be warned if you are looking to experience everything.