Dragon Quest Treasures

released on Dec 09, 2022

Dragon Quest Treasures is an all-new RPG spinoff starring Erik and Mia from Dragon Quest XI.

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Really fun but need to sit and properly play it. Maybe even restart

100%ed this. Fuck this dude. Its probably great for kids but it gets SO repetitive. At least I enjoyed the final boss fight

It's fitting that a game about amassing huge swaths of treasure has Too Much Stuff in it. If I didn't ignore the vast majority of the side quest log in this, I'd have made myself sick of playing.

The way hunting and collecting treasures defines each of your excursions into the world molds a satisfying core loop out of this thing, although what kept me coming back was watching my friends lay the smack down on anyone who even so much as looked at me funny.

This was a really wholesome and fun game. Like the first half of Dragon Quest XI. I enjoyed the open world aspect to it, the real time combat was okay, but honestly my biggest complaint was the lack of monsters. Like where are we where the toughest guy in the room is usually Robbin' 'Ood? Still glad I got to play it. It was a fun time and think it's pretty fun. Would recommend on a sale.

Bit of a slow burner, but a fun loop once you really get into it. Annoyingly I triggered the end game before I was ready, and traded it in once I finished. But ever since I've had a hankering to go back to it, and just play a bit longer in this world.