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A better-than-the-average musou game that feels like a proper Dragon Quest, even if not as great.

Yep, this is it. The one I'll hardly find the motivation to play and go through it.
It's sad that the west never got it because I feel it would have been much better and more interesting, but I don't mind that the first one we got introduced was the most new entry-friendly as possible: FE7 for GBA.

This game feels choppy on the pacing and managing the units, a perfect run with all the in-game units is impossible by default and I feel (still at map 7 btw) that if I keep digging I will find something to furtherly criticize it rather than really appreciate what it actually is: a game that still started a great franchise.

An ok musou game, but nothing more. But after 3 taking place in Nintendo world (the 2 Zelda ones and ofc the FE Warriors) I'm feeling neutral on this formula nowadays unless it's done in a special way like DQ Heroes tried fairly decently and Persona 5 Strikers properly managed.