The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker

released on Dec 13, 2002

The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker is the first Zelda game for the Nintendo GameCube and also the first in the series to employ cel-shading, a lighting and texturing technique that results in the game having a cartoon-like appearance. Like its predecessors, The Wind Waker is an action game with puzzle-solving and light role-playing elements. Basic gameplay mechanics are similar to those found in Ocarina of Time, but it differentiates itself with its massive Great Sea which must be explored using a boat named King of Red Lions.

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Latter half of the game really brings the score down, still great

One of the best in the series. Fantastic dungeons and bosses, with an artstyle that oozes a timeless charm. The sailing aspect will absolutely make or break it for some people, which makes it harder to recommend

This review contains spoilers

The greatest game of all time and it's gonna be pretty tough to beat this as my favorite. Everything about it I just perfection like the amazingly solid gameplay, the beautiful cartoon art style that still holds up to this day, and of course the amazing music that always comes from zelda games. This is also easily my favorite version of Ganon in any of the games so far.

i love this game to death, has some of the best moments in the series, but as a holistic experience it does feel less robust than the rest of the series. still a pretty engrossing title though; the great sea feels like an early attempt at a world like BotW's

Uma obra prima sem igual. Claramente um jogo que vai ficar marcado em mim para sempre, carregando com um dos melhores gráficos que eu já vi em um jogo, músicas épicas e lindas que eu terei o deleite de sempre escutar, uma história incrível e que segue estritamente a jornada do herói de uma maneira perfeita, recheado de momentos emocionantes e uma exploração de mundo perfeita. Um jogo que transcende o mundo gamer e que em minha opinião, todas as pessoas deveriam experimentar e apreciar essa obra-prima.

Well, this is a tough one.
To this day I finished only two Zelda games, The Minish Cap and this one, and almost finished Link's Awakening. I found Minish Cap amazing, one of my favourite games, and Link's Awakening was great, although the last dungeon difficulty made me give up halfway through. But the atmosphere and feel of that game was truly one of a kind, and even though it's so simple I get what people say when they talk about why it is so special.
Wind Waker, though...was ok, albeit a bit frustrating. That's the best I can say about it. I really liked the characters, but I could never connect much with the world or story. Sailing and exploring was really fun for the first few hours, but it eventually boiled down to so much repetition I just wanted it to end already so I could move on from it. After just a week I had already moved on from it and felt nothing about my time with it. That was it, just another game that I played.