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By far the best game I've played in the Trails series so far - it even beats out Sky SC for me. It wraps up the Crossbell duology really nicely and all the characters you've grown to love get incredible payoffs. Also, the introduction of Master Quartz makes the battle system that they've been building up since Sky FC really shine in this entry. Probably the only Trails game that I'd seriously consider replaying, despite having so many other games to play. Absolutely top tier.

The absolute pinnacle of the Persona 3/4/5 formula - the battle system, the Persona management, social links, day-to-day life, dungeon crawling - everything is polished to its finest form. My only two minor gripes are (i) the story is not quite as strong as P3, and (ii) the game overstays its welcome a little bit, this is like a ~150 hour JRPG, and by the last bit, I did find myself rushing through just to get to the end. The actually ending is great and in my opinion, the game sticks the landing, but there is a bit of fat that could probably have been trimmed. That said, the Persona formula is all about long JRPGs, so on that front again, this game does that to a T.