Duty Calls

released on Feb 02, 2011

Duty Calls was created for marketing purposes to promote one of Epic Games new games, Bulletstorm. It was meant to parody Call of Duty and includes many cliches from many other FPS games.

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this game is just neutral in my opinion, the jokes are funny, the gameplay is a bit cool, the graphics are an PS2-designed game, this game actually promoted the teaser of BulletStorm which is cool, but I'm fine with this game besides it's a generic COD-rip-off in promotion of BulletStorm, which is shocking and surprisingly interesting to me.

Funny little promotion for Bulletstorm, very on the nose roast of the state of FPS games at the time.

i have a gravely voice with a big full accent i have an eyepatch and i wear a nice suit this means i am leader of bad guys i hold nuclear missile bomb i will never give nuclear missile bomb to you okay usa is dominate i am crying tears i am crying tears!!

Uma paródia de Call of Duty que ainda conseguiu me tirar algumas risadas, mas nada demais. Não existe gameplay, se você quiser você pode só avançar e não existe penalização nisso, e ainda é um jogo que você finaliza ele em 5min facilmente, talvez até menos se você tentar.

For how much it made fun of "modern FPS design" the game it was promoting was actually not very retro.