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this game is so great in my opinion but not it's fandom
why? it's because Garten of BanBan Chapter 1 is such an awesome game, the puzzling challenges were good, the opila bird was so scary, the graphics were nice, this game is so easy to finish which makes it good for an indie horror game to be like this in my opinion.
and even the memes is what made the game gone crazy before the devs quitted twitter after the game's crazy popularity, I always loved playing horror games from crappy fandoms like THIS.

Finished this game on iOS, and it was awesome, mommy longs legs has to be the most scariest monsters in the game, the bonzo bunny level is hard, the music is perfect, the puzzling challenges were nice, the gameplay is changed from the 1st chapter and it's better than ever, i know most of you may not like my review on poppy playtime, but i love this game but not the fandom itself, Poppy Playtime chapter 2 is just a very amazing sequel to a horror game in my opinion.

Finished this game on iOS/PC, and it was awesome, besides the fandom being so cringe, the graphics are nice, the music is perfect as it is, the gameplay is amazing, huggy wuggy is so scary and perfect, this game has to be one of my favorite games ever from a bad fandom compared to Garten of BanBan