F.E.A.R. 2: Project Origin

released on Feb 10, 2009

F.E.A.R. 2: Project Origin is the sequel to F.E.A.R. and continues the series' trademark blend of supernatural horror and suspense. Many mechanics from the original first-person shooter have made their way into the game, like slow motion bullet time, and intelligent AI. New gameplay elements have also been introduced, like grab and drag movable cover, combat mechs, and iron sight aiming. The environments are now more open and less linear than those in the first game, and are also more diverse.

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A totally fine shooter that doesn't really do anything that made the first one good.
The level design very rarely creates exciting encounters, the enemies don't feel "smart" any more.
The melee moves very rarely have a chance to shine.
The story, and particularly the ending, are dreadful.
It's decidedly not scary at any point.
But, for the most part, shooting stuff is fun.

half-baked sequel of an timeless FPS, Monolith absolutely butchered everything that made the first game and it's expansions so good notably the gunplay effects, physics, sound-design and many other features such as leaning on corners or even dual wielding pistols.
the horror segments can be a bit terrifying sequences like in the Wade Elementary chapter but the actual atmosphere is not as good like it was before.
the AI that made the first game notable at the time was not heavily downgraded though, they still display dynamic reactions with pulling out shelves for cover or jumping into windows to ambush you and they still make gunfight sequences fun for the most part.
the shooting is also not bad but certainly did not feel as GOOD like in the predecessor.
overall it's an okay game, the combat can be fun for console centered shooters standars, the AI behaviour is mostly intact and the enviroments are varied in comparison to F.E.A.R 1 but that's about it and in the end of the day it is an forgettable sequel that essentially throws away everything that made the predecessor so great, still worth an play if you are looking for an decent enough shooter or just playing through the series but do not expect the perfection of FPS combat like in the previous game.

ghost titties very problematic

um jogo de acão bem divertido com elemetos de terror