F.E.A.R. is a horror FPS that resembles a cross between Doom 3, Half-Life, and the Ring horror movies. Demons are replaced by cloned soldiers and the element of horror revolves around an image of a spectral girl always appearing when least expected for a few fleeting moments. The player sets out as a member of a specialized strike force dealing with unknown threats. Initially, the player starts with mundane weapons, which are well presented, and progress gradually towards more sci-fi ones as the danger increases. The player can also call upon a bullet-time ability which slows down time around the player and is realised with impressive visual and aural effects by the game engine.

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I couldn't get into this at first because of the janky looking animations but powering through it gave me some of the best fps encounters i've had with a side dish of j-horror like presentation. it's so good

I can't believe they only made just one fear game, and none after the expansions

Honestly, this is one of the best FPS games I've played in a long while. Responsive, intense, immersive, I can't praise the combat enough aided as well by the largely praised AI. Even today, the enemy AI for this game should still be praised, they have environmental interactions, ally interactions, and will respond to what the player is doing. Truly impressive for the time.

The horror elements were an excellent choice to provide drive and reason to what the player is doing, though admittedly none of it was truly scary... more disturbing and uneasy. The sound design and framing for these elements however were spot on. 99% of the time the game ensures you see something it wants you to see naturally via lighting, narrow viewpoints, etc. all without ripping control away from the player. Even the gunfire was sublime and satisfying as you hear the casings drop to the ground.

Easy and definite recommend, and usually on deep discount at your favorite store.

Yapay zekası AKP seçmeninden zeki.
Oyunun finalinde neyden kaynaklandığını bilmediğim bir hata aldığımdan dolayı oyunu asla "bitiremicek" olsam da gayet kaliteli bir oyun.

So many levels, so many fun, so catching story, so scare.

Me lo recomendó un profesor y no me arrepiento de haberlo jugado