Final Fantasy IV

released on Dec 20, 2007
by Square

A remake of Final Fantasy IV

FINAL FANTASY IV is a 3D remake of the classic Japanese RPG that was first released for SNES as FINAL FANTASY II in the North America.

Unlike the many subsequent ports (to Playstation, GameBoy Advance, etc.), this release is a full remake, programmed from scratch with real-time 3D graphics. The characters have a "super-deformed" touch. There is also voice acting during cut-scenes. A new option has been added to the menu, which allows the player to read a conversation between party members and receive advice from them.

It also features many gameplay additions. The difficulty level has been increased, not only beyond the difficulty of the Western SNES release (which was reduced compared to Japanese original and subsequent ports), but even beyond the original difficulty. The party members are still bound by class, but they can now hunt for so-called "augments", which can be found or stolen from enemies and which grant the characters additional bonus abilities, resistances, spells that their class would normally not allow, etc.

Beside those major changes, there are also plenty of minor additions. It is possible to obtain bonus items after exploring every corner and filling 100% of an area map; Rydia, the summoner girl, has a new monster summon who can be customized in various ways; there is a new quest involving the "naming" moogle of the original game, etc.

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Nunca joguei o clássico de super Nintendo, mas eu amai esse ramake, pra mim o que faz ele brilhar tanto são os personagens principais, jogabilidade fluida, historia não é das mais originais, mas é um ótimo final fantasy.

After replaying 10 hours of this game again I realized, yeah I definitely did get into finally finishing video games (and by extension JRPGs) after beating Earthbound in middle school cause dude playing a remake that wants to mess with your expectations when you're in elementary school is, something lol

Suffers from long unskipable cutscenes before hard bosses-itis.

I was told this game was hard, it was not and I found myself very bored. The game has a cute artstyle, music is good, there is a story indeed a story... Eh, maybe some of the final fantasy games aren't for me.

an essential classic which often goes underappreciated by gamers nowadays.
if you've ever enjoyed basically any video game cutscene, story, or character arc, you probably owe this game a thank you. obviously video game stories and characters existed before final fantasy 4, but only in the loosest sense of the terms. brand mascots and general sequences of events. in comes final fantasy 4 with shakespearean themes of love, jealousy, betrayal, grief, redemption etc coupled with sweeping digital orchestra and tight cutscenes, all of a sudden video games are a medium for storytelling.
besides the historical importance, final fantasy iv is still a killer game. gorgeous music, fun and fast-paced gameplay, memorable locations and bosses, pretty much still defines gamers expectations of what a jrpg ought to be.
the story has some obvious poorly aged pitfalls like the fake-out character deaths and a certain last-second reveal, but even these shortcomings have come to be characteristic of the genre because of this game.
this version of the game in particular deserves some bonus points for being quite possibly the most difficult mainline final fantasy game, with very punishing and involved boss encounters, at least moreso than what you usually expect in games like 6 and 7.
tldr; final fantasy iv is required reading for fans of the genre and for my money, the 3d version is still the best way to play it.