Final Zone

released on Dec 31, 1990

It is 100 years into the future. Nuclear weapons, missiles and other weapons of mass destruction are banned, but a new piece of military hardware is about to shape the future. The N.A.P. (New Age Power-Suit), is the newest weapon, a mechanical tank, able to destroy anything in its path. You play as a soldier of the El Shiria Military's "Undead" unit named Howie Bowie (no joke) as you are about to go on a urgent mission to destroy your enemies, The Bloody Axis, before they can strike at your nation.

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I'm going to confess, I am an idiot. I somehow played the whole game and didn't realize there was a weapons menu with the C button. Idk how I never realized considering I went to the options screen before starting. The game itself though is okay.

What hurts it so much is the controls and framerate, you can get used to it but you're not only quite big but it's easy to get caught on stuff and you move so fast when running that it can lead to easy hits. They do remedy this by at least allowing you to run over small enemies which is cool. The framerate is also just never consistent and I really don't know why, maybe it's the projectiles?

That being said, this can be fun at times, I really like how some stages feel different and the bosses are a change of pace too though the balance is all over the place. I do wish I knew of the weapon screen tho because apparently one of the bosses where you fight two of them can just die in one hit if you used this weird hook weapon I didn't know existed.

I wouldn't say this is worth playing nowadays, only if you're curious. I mean someone on GameFAQs gave this a 10/10 so surely anyone out there might find this and love it. I should probably replay it sometime now that I know about the weapons stuff. There are two games before this but they're more top down run n gun games. Wait a second was I playing a spinoff the whole time? Guess that explains why this is called FZ Senki Axis in Japan. Wait does the FZ stand for Final Zone? Idk anymore.

Also if you want another piece of stupidity from me. The game shows your map progression as you go through each level. The whole time I thought they were ellipses and it took me till like the final stage to realize what it meant.

I love a big ol isometric battlefield and a big ol mech with interchangeable weapons and big ol beeps n boops

Terrible. Couldn't finish this one. At least the sequel has the camp going for it, whereas this one doesn't have anything positive about it whatsoever. The controls feel very stiff and the maps are so small that you will see a lot of the same areas loop over and over again while you search for the remaining enemies. Not fun/10.

Wolfteam's Genesis lineup is a bit miserable. The best you'll find out of it is...El Viento, maybe, or Granada, both of which are like okay I guess? The rest includes gems such as Earnest Evans. It's a pretty bad collection of games, but most have this amusing low budget low effort aura to them that loops back around to being a bit charming. Final Zone does not.

Upon beginning the game I almost immediately discovered there were no i-frames and found myself near death just from trying to figure out the controls. The gameplay is basically the same as Granada, except you pilot a mech from an isometric angle and all your targets are constantly moving. There's no map either, so this means you'll have long periods of just looping around without the foggiest idea where you're located, let alone the targets. The game will also slow down when anything but yourself appears on screen, including the bombs constantly scattered around and the stream of bullets you spew at the press of a button, so the game ends up juggling you between speeds all the way from front to back. It is super fucking maddening working around both the controls, the quick deaths, and the speed all at once. It is so, so bad.

Provided you can clear a stage, you will be greeted by a boss who is always without fail even worse than the preceding level. And alongside the levels, they each gradually get more and more heinous, as if it wasn't off to a rough enough start already.

It's actually pretty mercifully short overall, but the final level and bosses are so awful that it really doesn't even matter. Still a waste of time overall.

One of the few wolfteam games where the cheapness detracts from its strengths instead of raising them up, it's just endless gliding through a looping map until the right enemies pop up. The garish sounds overpowers the 'just tolerable' OST, the game runs at only 30FPS and the enemies at what feels like 8. Bleh.

Final Zone is an isometric mecha shooter, the goal of the game is to kill every enemy on the level, then fight a Boss at the end. Some which are kinda cool.

You have multiple weapons at your disposal, however if you get damaged, they break and you can't use them until you heal up. There's not a lot of healing items, and you don't heal between levels, so you'll most likely only have access to a few ones for most of the time. It plays pretty stiff, you have to face a direction then shoot, which can be a bit annoying in some sections.

Fun and cool soundtrack, but nothing really stood out that much. I wouldn't know this was related to the other Final Zone games if the MC wasn't named Bowie.