released on Apr 18, 2019

Forager is the popular crafting, exploration and base building game that can best be defined as “the idle game that you want to actively keep playing”.

A quirky mix between old school 2D Zelda experiences and modern Minecraft or Terraria-like crafting games that places players into a small piece of land with just a pickaxe and a desire for expansion and exploration.

Players can buy procedurally generated lands to uncover secrets, solve puzzles, find dungeons, treasure and forgotten relics and to expand their sprawling bases. Nearly impossible to put down, there is always something to manage or work towards!

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"A Dopamine Farming Simulator" | Forager | VGBC Podcast #27 (REMASTERED)
Forager was an awesome experience, and it took the best parts about the farming/crafting genre and condensed it into a fast paced resource building game. The game is easy to pick up and put down, and the gameplay loop of crafting resources, unlocking areas, leveling up, gaining skills and perks, is incredibly addicting.

A fun little farming game I can get lost into for long periods of time, but it is far from perfect. It can be a little hard to navigate, and going back to the main screen every time you die can be annoying, but overall I had a great time with it. Could use more storage space though. I had a really fun time overall playing this.

Joguinho mto bem feitinho o foda que os sons parece notificação do discord

É um joguinho viciante e divertido, deu pra passar um tempo.

An idle game in disguise, once you get far enough it's now about getting real ridiculous with gathering resources