Ghost of Tsushima: Iki Island

released on Aug 20, 2021

An expansion for Ghost of Tsushima

The Iki Island expansion pack comes with a new story, new characters, new environments to explore, new armour for Jin and his horse, new mini-games, new techniques, new enemy types, among other additions. Sucker Punch has also added new animals that Jin can pet.

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Esperaba bastante más, no sé muy bien por qué, y lo que me he encontrado son unas diez horas más de juego que tampoco mejoran lo que hay, sólo lo expanden.
No está del todo mal, tal vez algo excesivo en el precio, pero más allá de eso, te deja con ganas de una segunda parte.

Loved this campaign it added so much to Tsushima and makes Jin a character I already found engaging as a lead and makes him even even better which was amazing.

Play for more Ghost and its gameplay rather than story. this DLC does not offer much for the story and at points feels like it ruins Jin's journey in the base game.

It's a DLC expansion. It does more of what the base game did without really improving on anything I didn't like about the original. If you didn't like the original, you won't like this. If you did, go nuts.

This review contains spoilers

Bruh, I thought they were gonna hype up Jin's father as someone actually noble and worth trying to live up to, but instead he's actually just a super shitty guy.
Anyway, this is more or less more of the same. Which is fine by me, I was still riding off the high of the main game. Main complaint - besides just generally not fixing problems from the main game - is the entire time you're seeing these hallucinations set on by drinking some poison, and they really cut into the enjoyment when they'd pop up, I was ready for them to stop as soon as they started. Also a surprising amount of emphasis put on your horse, as god intended.

Iki Island is a story expansion to the main game and forms part of the Director's Cut version of the game. The game follows Jin as he explores the dark secrets of Iki Island and how it links to his families past. This story DLC improves on the original game in almost evey aspect and as a result is one of the best story expansions to a video game ever made.
The game benefits from the smaller open world allowing for a more compact and fulfilling story learning about Jin's fathers legacy and the scars it left behind. The main villian in the DLC is the Eagle, who unlike the Khan, is more than a one dimensional villan and alongside some other new characters helps Jin explore his past.
Even the open-world aspects which were seriously lacking in the original title feel meaningful and important. The side missions finally had a bit of variety with the Ghost of Iki Island being a fun mission with a recognisable face. Activities feel vitual to the story with them including flashbacks with your father, new mythic tales and dyes that celebrate Playstation IP.
Finally, they somehow made Iki Island even more visually stunning as Tsushima and added to the already amazing gameplay options. This DLC addresses almost all of my concerns with the original title and produced a rich and impactful story to boot.