Ghost of Tsushima: Iki Island

Ghost of Tsushima: Iki Island

released on Aug 20, 2021

Ghost of Tsushima: Iki Island

released on Aug 20, 2021

An expansion for Ghost of Tsushima

The Iki Island expansion pack comes with a new story, new characters, new environments to explore, new armour for Jin and his horse, new mini-games, new techniques, new enemy types, among other additions. Sucker Punch has also added new animals that Jin can pet.

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God this was exhausting. They somehow managed to distill everything bad about the main game into a small bowl of poison. Only improvement is that there’s no forced stealth sections but then after 30+ hours in the main game I’m so tired of the combat too. Literally rolled my eyes at the ending. For a game that touts itself as having a Kurosawa mode the camera work is some of the worst ive ever seen! There’s literally better composition in TikToks!!! I’m so glad to be done with this game.

Extension obligatoire pour comprendre la pensée de Jin, le DLC ajoute des bonnes choses mais parfois totalement inutile lié au cheval. Bonne zone

ouais bof, un peu guez j'ai trouvé l'histoire plate de fou

An excellent expansion that dives deeper into the mind of Jin Sakai and expands on the gameplay of the base game.

This is the type of DLC that makes the main game even better.

I wonder how they are gonna make the sequel.

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