Ghost Trick: Phantom Detective

released on Jun 19, 2010
by Capcom

Ghost Trick: Phantom Detective is a puzzle/adventure game for the Nintendo DS and iOS. It was developed mainly by Shu Takumi, the man behind the Ace Attorney Series. Game's story centers on the protagonist Sissel, and his ghost's struggle to discover who he was when he was alive and who killed him. The player assumes the role of this ghost, who has the ability to perform various Ghost Tricks to solve puzzles and navigate the world around him.

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I wanted very much for this to click but it just never did. The puzzles were interesting for about an hour, and the story just never grabbed me.

Story Complete, This is the best example of a hidden gem, amazing game!

Extremely fun puzzle game with an story that will keep you wanting more.

Not usually my type of game, but the raw charm on display makes up for any flaws.

uma obra prima escondida no DS