God Hand

God Hand

released on Sep 14, 2006

God Hand

released on Sep 14, 2006

THERE AIN'T NO JUSTICE IN THE WILD, WEIRD WEST. JUST YOU. Things can't get any worse after demonic thugs cut your arm off, right? Dead wrong, partner. The lady you saved from them has only gone and given you the legendary GOD HAND as a replacement - the ultimate hand-to-hand weapon. Every undead outlaw in a Stetson, rootin' tootin' demon and circus freak in the prairies is going to want to fight you for it. Welcome to the town of Asskickin... have a nice stay y'all. BIG HAND - Explosive martial arts and hand-to-hand action get in your face and ugly. No bullets, lots of bruised knuckles. SLAP STICKS - Totally customisable fight system. Pull off the most outrageous combo moves ever with awesome God Hand powers - punch your opponent into orbit! FIGHTING FORM - Pugilistic adventure from the makers of RESIDENT EVIL, DEVIL MAY CRY and VIEWTIFUL JOE!

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Hey remember when IGN gave this game a 3/10, tanking it?

Anyway, this is an incredible action game, with a lot of fun ideas that I haven't seen done elsewhere. This right stick is used to dodge, which gives you a lot of option when trying to move out of the way or cancelling your combos. Speaking of combos, your entire movelist is made by you! You select the moves and the order, which leds to different people having different playstyles! Personally, I like quick hits, with a big finisher, while others might prefer more powerful moves, or moves with a bigger range. There's still tons I haven't talked about, like the Roulette Wheel, funny story or great soundtrack! This game is incredible, highly recommend! (Though you might find one or two bosses have aged poorly)

Uma história muito boa e que quando eu era criança e tinha medo de jogar esse jogo pela a capa que não era a mesma que está aqui, mas depois que eu tomei coragem pra jogar, eu amei esse jogo, pelo menos de memória esse jogo e muito bom.

Uma obra de arte. Quase quebrei meu controle mesmo jogando no normal.

This game oozes so much pure virile red-blooded male energy that, after playing it, I can sell vials of my sweat to bodybuilders as a suitable substitute for steroids.

Yeah, this goes straight into my top 5 of all time. Absolute banger of a game.
I could say so many things about this game to explain why I enjoyed it so much, from the small details to the gameplay mechanics but...

...I'll just leave this here


GOW 2018 but good, this game was such a great experience. There's def a lot of stuff about this game that I think a lot of people don't give credit towards which I do wanna go over. I know the game isn’t supposed to tell an incredibly serious narrative but god damn it I had so much fun with the story. It knows it’s not supposed to take itself seriously and it just has fun with a lot of stuff it tries to do. There wasn’t a single cutscene in this game that had me bored or made me want to skip. The voice acting itself is also insanely good. Yes some of it is cheesy but it fits with the tone of this game and is incredibly entertaining. I especially love Gene and Azels voices. I didn’t expect going into this game to be loving the soundtrack. There isn’t a single song in this game I even thought about wanting to turn off. All of the songs are just bangers. I’m very fond of Floating Fort. The combat is well, fantastic but I don’t think I needed to tell you that. The different movesets you can create take this game to a whole nother level. I like the approach the game takes with its utilization of the combat since it felt more about efficiency than trying to be stylish. The difficulty level meter is just genius. The enemy design is very good as there aren’t any enemies I had gripes with off the top of my head. While the general stage design is usually straightforward I don’t mind it since I prefer they focus on the gameplay for the whole game.
There are a few gripes I do have. Just mainly with some bosses as a handful of the big demon guys were just kinda alright but they never reached the level of awful. Despite it being incredibly hard, it never felt unfair as you’re always in control of each situation that you’re in and the tools you’re given are more than enough to complete each stage. All in all I can say that this game, despite being one of the most difficult games I’ve played, is also one of the most fun.