Grabbed by the Ghoulies

released on Oct 21, 2003

Grabbed by the Ghoulies follows a young man named Cooper Chance who sets out to rescue his girlfriend, Amber, from Ghoulhaven Hall. This mansion is full of supernatural creatures, and Cooper will receive help along the way from the many hired hands that work there.

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The only other game I've played that falls into the "Combat Puzzle" Genre other than classic Doom
This game does a decent job at giving you a feel for its gameplay and rules before tightening its grip with more and more insane stipulations and rules, forcing you to really think about its encounters and work with the environment as effectively as you can
Though this game is ball bustlingly tough, sometimes downright unfair at time, but when you finally figure it out it usually feels super awesome
Its not for everyone but I think its a good time

god damn this game is so ass who designed the last boss i want to send a bomb to his house

No one really remembers its, but its a Halloween classic in my book.

This was really bad for the brief window of time I played. The wonky controls, stiff combat, QTEs, and "rescue your helpless girlfriend" plot were all terrible.

Cooper can have sex with your entire family right in front of you and you'd suck his tootsies in response (gratefully)