Halls of Torment

released on May 24, 2023

Slay hordes of terrifying monsters in this casual roguelite action rpg. Descend into the Halls of Torment where the lords of the underworld await you. Treasures, magic trinkets, and a growing cast of heroes will grant you the power to vanquish the horrors from beyond. How long can you survive?

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It's the best VS clone out there, personally i like it better than VS. Killing monsters also feels satisfying. Content is just lacking at the moment.

Une masterclass qui fait bien passer le temps. Très satisfaisant et énormément de trucs à débloquer.

this is the best Vampire Survivors clone on Steam right now, the gear system and manual aiming are very solid additions that feel great to engage with, lots of build variety, the aesthetic is fresh and nostalgic, the sound design is crunchy and satisfying which makes every skill feel impactful and pleasent to your ears while you are slaying those monsters during an 30 minute run.

an solid time, definitely recommend grabbing it if you enjoy this kind of game.

Un vampire survivors que es viciante y está bien. No lo terminé, pero me eché unas horas divertiads.

Enjoyed this a little more than vampire survivors; the addition of manual aiming (though you can toggle auto aim) and equipment adds some depth and another layer of build choice. Nostalgic Diablo II aesthetic/music for me. Plus classes feel more distinct than in VS (warlock and shield maiden feel a bit underpowered though). Managed agony 5 with every class, waiting until it's out of early access to bang out the rest of the achieves